With the playoff spot clinched, it’s time to rest everyone

All in all it was bad news yesterday for the Bulls as if they clinched a playoff spot by guaranteeing a top 6 seed they were once again demolished on the court and have learned that Lonzo Ball will not return this season.

But the fact that they didn’t just skip the qualifying tournament and scored with a few games to spare, it’s a won opportunity here to give the players some rest until the start of the first. turn in 10 days.

They won’t miss anything by doing this. While one game behind the Raptors for the 5th seed, the Bulls will get that seed if they tie Toronto in record. But with the 2-4 seeds all tied for the same record themselves, there’s really no strategy for the Bulls to play in terms of a first-round game. Even if they could control their opponent, they fear all teams better than them!

Billy Donovan was asked about this after last night’s loss:

“The most important thing is the health of the guys,” agreed Donovan. “But the other thing is that I don’t want to miss – and I think AK (Basketball CEO Arturas Karnisovas) would be okay with that as well – where you sit there and say, ‘OK, were going sit these guys and not play them and not necessarily worry about growing and getting better. There’s going to be another layoff week before you play again and (we don’t know) who you’re going to play against. There’s a different rhythm to it. I think there is a level of opportunity because I think we have inexperienced guys in these situations. We’ll take stock of how they feel and what they need, (but) we don’t necessarily change where we are (ranked).

I mean…I guess he has to say this as a former ball coach, but 1) being “on pace” isn’t as important as being healthy, and 2) they don’t won’t win many over the next 3 games, assuming it’s like most NBA end of seasons (trashball) and there are several days off while the play-in tournament goes on from anyway.

There are a few players who really need a rest!

Zach LaVine

As we know, LaVine has been nursing a knee injury basically since the All-Star break, pretty much still listed on the injury report but mostly playing in games. The results have been sporadic, and last night was a game where LaVine sat down, and it was concerning:

Alex Caruso

Part of the reason Alex Caruso’s return didn’t save the season is that Caruso himself has been very bad since his return. Last night he went 0-6 and two were three airballed (he had 8 assists for zero turnovers).

It’s clear that Caruso is still favoring the healing of his wrist, and since his return we can add spasms to the list of health issues, which caused him to sit out a game this weekend.

There’s also the factor of Caruso’s style of play. LaVine can be effective without further injury, but one of Caruso’s main skills is falling down (The NBA: it’s fantastic!).

DeMar DeRozan

DeRozan was given a day off but otherwise played huge minutes and while a rejuvenated 32 still has 32.

What does he think?

Well, luckily it’s not yours, buddy! And there is a double negative so ipso facto you are taken and now you have to sit down.

The Bulls have a back-to-back tonight and should seat all these guys. But today’s first injury report only mentions LaVine, and as “likely.”