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Will anyone get early release?

March 9, 2022

Punter Bradley Sprocket

In 2014, the Bucs gave their starting quarterback an early ejection so he could get a head start in free agency.

Either that or the Team Glazer cleaning crew insisted that One Buc Palace needed to be disinfected.

Yes, a full month before free agency began in 2015, the Bucs let go of veteran quarterback Josh McCown. It’s the kind of move reserved for a respected veteran. Why? It gives the guy a jump on free agency, so he can meet teams earlier than others are, and probably have a better chance of landing a job.

It was announced today that the Seahawks cut future Hall of Fame linebacker Bobby Wagner, five days before the free agency siren was to sound. So now Wagner can take a deep breath and get his agent to work immediately.

And the Bucs then? Will they cast someone early?

Given the NFL’s boring salary cap rules, that’s unlikely, although bettor Bradley Pinion might not want to look at his phone today. He’s ripe to get cut to save a few million.

For guys like Cameron Brate and Ryan Succop, the Bucs would probably be better off waiting until after June 1.