Who is the #1 Women’s Matches Live Blog

It’s finally arrived, the long-awaited 10th edition of Who’s Number One! We are proud to present a full card for women for the second year in a row.

September 9 · Resumes today at 20:00 UTC

2022 FloWrestling Who’s Number One

We’re also proud to be live blogging all the action as it unfolds from inside the Cliff Keen Arena in Ann Arbor, Michigan!

Ok, now that I’ve done my pre-show, I’m ready to start blogging!

106: #2 Clare Booe and #3 Gigi Bragg

1st period: Booe, a Fargo champion from Florida, takes on Bragg, who splits his practice time in Wisconsin and Minnesota. And the 10th Who’s #1 is underway! Bragg takes the ground to neutral, then dives under, she has one leg but she’s deadlocked. Another low kick from Bragg, Booe near the go behind but again we get a stalemate. 90 seconds later we will soon see an activity clock if there is no score. And indeed, another dead end and now Booe goes on the clock. Another shot for Bragg and this time she finishes for two. And another point as a new rule for the activity clock is that it keeps running until the wrestler scores on it, so 3-0. To the edge of the mat and Booe fires a hip kick and gets four points and the lead. Nice end to the period for Booe, she leads 4-3.

2nd period: Bragg managed to touch Booe’s legs, so a return is not excluded. Gigi on another shot but Booe defends again, still 4-3. Another low shot and Booe barely defends. Booe pressures Bragg to the limit, Bragg dives to the legs but it ends in another stalemate. Repeat the same sequence. Gigi’s coach tells her to take an angle and that sounds like good advice to me. Bragg is on one leg again, but this time Booe breaks the lock, spins and collects two more to make it 6-3. Bragg is running out of time. Another downblock goes behind and Booe makes it 8-3, and that will do it. Clare Booe wins the first fight of the day!

152: #2 Jasmine Robinson vs #3 Mishell Rebisch

1st period: Jasmine in her second WNO, Rebisch a beginner. Rebisch has local fans who wear her because she is originally from Michigan. Robinson gets the first points with a nice double, Robinson’s daily bread. Pulled from Rebish but Robinson’s ghost legs and they’re still neutral. Rebisch takes a shot and Robinson with a lightning fast reattack but Rebisch with an equally impressive defense. Another double for Robinson and a BIG finish for four. It was as good as advertised by Robinson! It will be 6-0 at the break.

2nd period: And another big double for Robinson who takes Rebisch behind his back and it will be fine! Or does it? Rebisch corner challenge. It’s successful, just two. So it’s 8-0 and we get more fight. Rebisch trying to get out of a deep hole. Rebisch goes for a shot, defended, now goes to the upper body, but Robinson pushes her out of bounds. Rebisch needs extra time, his left knee needs attention. Rebisch is back on his feet and will endure. Trailed 9-0 with just over a minute to play. Rebisch does not go down without a fight. Rebisch controlling links and Robinson inside trips on the mat. Jasmine’s back being out of bounds when she fell may have saved her! Great fight of Rebisch. Now she has to start over and score another point. Less than 20 remaining. Rebisch looking for upper body, and as time expires Jasmine hits a nice back arch. No points, but it was an impressive display nonetheless. The crowd shows its appreciation with thunderous applause. Good things from Jasmine and Mishell!

138: #1 Sarah Henckel vs. Zaynah McBryde

1st period: McBryde immediately gets a headlock before. Henckel returns the favor. Henckel receives the first passivity warning. Duck under attempt from McBryde but Henckel defends. Henckel now on the activity clock with 1:21 on the board. Henckel’s Slideby attempt doesn’t land. McBryde collects activity clock point. Still no score with 19 seconds left and McBryde now receives a passivity warning. And the period ends 1-0.

2nd period: Henckel hits another slideby and this time she is able to crumble McBryde’s defenses and scores twice to take the lead, 2-1. Nice trip inside from the whistle, but Henckel throws in a desperate whizzer to keep McBryde at bay. Great defense to get the stalemate by Henckel there. And a perfectly timed snap allows McBryde to regain the lead, 3-2 with 1:45 to go. Henckel returns the favor, finding an opening and double McBryde to the mat. 4-3 Henckel back in the lead!

122: 1 Cadence Diduch against 2 Everest Leydecker

144: #1 Lizzie Shunn vs #2 Sydney Perry

117: #1 Elena Ivaldi vs #2 Persaeus Gomez

127: 1 Shelby Moore vs. 2 Skylar Little Soldier

94:3 Erica Pastoriza v Morgan Turner

132: #1 Janida Garcia vs. #2 Valerie Hamilton,

100: #1 Gabriella Gomez vs #2 Valarie Solorio

112: #1 Alex Szkotnicki vs. #2 Ava Ward