Who is leading the charge to shape our low-carbon future?


January 28, 2022

In 2017, when Leaseplan co-founded the EV100 and we’re committed to helping businesses around the world switch to electric vehicles (including our own fleet), everyone said we were being too idealistic. Back then, we were just a few lonely voices trying to tell everyone that the EVolution was just around the corner. But now, the EV craze among companies has reached fever pitch and there are very few people left to convince.

Years of debate over model range, cost and availability have died down. Passenger issues have been resolved. Businesses today want to go electric; their regulators push them, their investors demand it, and their customers demand it.

In addition to this, countries in COP26 Conference in Glasgow is committed to accelerating the transition to sales of 100% new, zero-emission vehicles by 2040 globally and by 2035 in major markets. The narrative around electric vehicles has finally changed.

At the top of the list is a collection of expert voices, who have worked hard to change awareness and attitudes.

Here is a list of our top 20 inspiring leaders in the electric vehicle market:

  1. Natasha Robinson, Co-Head, Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV)

As head of OZEV, the intergovernmental team responsible for supporting the transition to electric vehicles, Natasha holds one of the most influential roles in the UK’s shift to low-carbon transport. The organization manages grants for vehicles and charging stations and supports innovation designed to keep the UK at the forefront of electric mobility.

  1. Tim Anderson, Transport Group Leader, Energy Saving Trust

The Energy Saving Trust supports government decarbonization plans, including developing active transportation programs, administering grants and assisting with charging station strategies. Anderson joined the trust in 2007 from the fleet and rental sector, and now leads its transportation programs, promoting efficient driving, ride-sharing and electrification.

  1. Greg Archer, UK Director, Transport and Environment

Formerly of the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership, Archer joined the NGO Transport and Environment in 2012, in charge of its campaigns in the UK. The organization promotes the deployment of clean transport solutions and campaigns for governments and industry to make continuous improvements.

  1. Kevin Booker, IT and Fleet, Brecon Beacons National Park Authority

A three-time Guinness World Record holder for fuel-efficient electric vehicle driving, Booker has also worked hard to champion electric vehicles in his work. He helped lead the electrification of the Authority’s fleet, despite challenging duty cycles and terrain, and rolled out a growing network of charging stations that help fill gaps in Welsh charging infrastructure.

  1. Dan Caesar, Co-CEO, Fully Charged

A longtime proponent of clean energy, Caesar is responsible for Fully Charged’s electric vehicle video channel and growing portfolio of events – now held around the world. He is also a passionate EV advocate, often raising awareness of the technology and dispelling “FUD” (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) about EVs on social and broadcast media.

  1. Fraser Crichton, Corporate Fleet Manager, Dundee City Council

Crichton has spearheaded Dundee to become one of the UK’s most EV-friendly cities. As well as electrifying its own fleet, the council has introduced fast-charging hubs powered by solar panels and on-site energy storage, held demonstration events to highlight the benefits for local residents and has changed licensing rules to incentivize private hire operators to change as well.

  1. Graeme Cooper, Head of Future Markets, National Grid

National Grid is a key player in the transition to electric vehicles. Cooper’s role includes coordinating collaborations between government and the automotive and energy sectors, to define strategies and provide the required infrastructure. He is also leading a project that will connect around 30 GW of offshore wind generation to the transmission grid, further reducing the carbon intensity of electric vehicles.

  1. Charlie Cook, Founder and CEO, Rightcharge

A civil engineer by trade, Charlie founded Rightcharge as a platform to help electric vehicle owners make smarter choices when plugging in. It offers useful information for selecting and ordering charging equipment, selecting the right rates, and identifying the cheapest and greenest times of day to refuel.

  1. Charlie Jardine, Founder and CEO, EO Charging

Founded in 2015, EO Charging started with a user-friendly smart charging solution tailored to the needs of electric vehicle fleets. The company now counts many of the UK’s largest operators among its customers, and its portfolio of hardware and software products has grown to also include systems for home users.

  1. Robert Llewellyn, owner, fully loaded

Writer, broadcaster and actor Robert Llewellyn has become one of the most influential advocates of sustainable technologies. Founder and host of the Fully Charged video series, his enthusiasm and inimitable sense of humor have helped bring the benefits of low-carbon transportation to a global audience of millions since its launch in 2010.

  1. Lorna McAtear, Fleet Manager, National Grid

In a bid to go net zero, National Grid’s 3,000-strong fleet will shift away from petrol and diesel by 2030 – including commercials, each of which will save almost 21 tonnes of CO2 on a lifespan of six years. Lorna is at the forefront of this change, actively encouraging manufacturers to provide electric alternatives for specialty vehicles and to meet business needs.

  1. Thomas McLennan, Head of Policy and Public Affairs, BVRLA

The 970 BVRLA member hire and leasing companies account for one in ten vehicles on UK roads. Tom has recently taken on responsibility for building relationships with government, regulators and industry stakeholders, with the aim of collaboratively developing policies that support a cleaner transport system and the road to net zero. .

  1. James McKemey, News Team Manager, Pod Point

Charging station manufacturer and network operator Pod Point’s analytics team has been set up to provide clear insights into EV policies and incentives. A sought-after spokesperson, James has played an important role in breaking down common misconceptions about electric vehicles and helping new and existing drivers stay up to date with the latest changes.

  1. Bob Moran, Environmental Strategy Manager, Department of Transport (DfT)

An automotive engineer by training and (more recently) deputy director of OLEV, Moran is working on the regulatory framework that will support the government’s transport decarbonisation plan, released earlier this year. This explains how all modes can play a part in achieving the UK’s net zero emissions target by 2050.

  1. Claire O’Neill, Managing Director for Climate and Energy and Natural Climate Solutions, World Business Council for Sustainable Development

A former Tory MP and shadow chancellor, O’Neill has an impressive track record of driving initiatives to encourage the growth of clean energy and transport in the UK, including setting the 2050 net zero target. and Glasgow’s winning bid for COP26. She joined the WBCSD in 2020, advocating for sustainability among the world’s largest companies.

  1. Tom Callow, Head of Insight and External Affairs, BP Pulse

With a public relations background in automotive technology and years of experience in the electric vehicle industry, Callow has become a go-to spokesperson at events and in the media. He offers in-depth knowledge of the market, charging infrastructure and regulations, as well as a deep-rooted enthusiasm for moving fleets and drivers to plug-in vehicles.

  1. Sandra Roling, Transport Manager, The Climate Group

Sandra joined The Climate Group in 2011, forging partnerships with businesses around the world, including creating the We Mean Business Coalition, aimed at accelerating climate action. She would later lead the EV100 initiative, a global effort that will deploy five million electric vehicles worldwide by 2030, and is currently in charge of transport-related projects.

  1. Avinash Rugoobur, President and Chief Strategy Officer, Arrival

London-based startup Arrival hopes to solve the challenges of commercial vehicle electrification, developing a van platform that enables rapid production scale-up with much lower fleet running costs than models diesel equivalents. Leaseplan was recently appointed preferred operational leasing partner, with an initial order for 3,000 vehicles in Europe.

  1. Ade Thomas, Founder, Green TV

A former producer and current affairs director for the BBC, Thomas has been at the forefront of promoting low-carbon lifestyles and electric vehicles. Green.TV is a multi-channel publishing network responsible for initiatives such as the Oxford EV Summit, the Decarbonisation Summit alongside COP26 and World EV Day, which is supported by some of the industry’s most influential brands.

  1. Mel Shufflebotham, COO and Co-Founder, Zap-Map

Zap-Map has become a household name for EV drivers, offering useful location and cost data, live availability and with options for users to swap notes on faults. Shufflebotham is also an active advocate for electrification, a regular speaker at conferences and helping others understand the benefits they offer.

Alfonso Martinez is Managing Director of Leaseplan UK