White Marlin Open Day 1

The White Marlin Open has officially arrived for its 49th year in Ocean City, with boats full of anglers from around the world taking to the waters in hopes of catching huge fish and even bigger prize money.

Last year’s White Marlin Open saw a record number of boats compete for a record amount of prize money, and the anticipation that this year’s iteration of the largest swordfishing tournament in the world has in store for its fans and competitors has been built up throughout the fishing season.

You can follow updates throughout Day 1 of the White Marlin Open here, as reported by The Daily Times live from the scales at Harbor Island Marina from when they opened at 4pm until they closed at 9.15am. Everything from Twitter coverage, video, angler interviews and photos from day one of the tournament will be available on this live blog.

Keep checking throughout the night for updates.

The first boats of the day bring Tuna, Dauphin

After a slow first hour at the scales, the White Marlin Open officially put its first fish in the standings after 5 p.m. The first fish brought to the scale was a dolphin brought by boat 10-4 Joker from Chincoteague, Virginia. Angler Vernon Merritt Jr. weighed in a 29.0 pound dolphin that was the first qualifying fish of the day and currently the dolphin class leader.

Right after the Joker 10-4 came Mike’s Low Budget boat, where two qualified tunas were weighed in. Thirteen-year-old angler Brady Niedoba brought in a 56.5-pound tuna to lead the tuna with a fish that is currently valued at $70,000. His cousin, Ryan Niedoba, also brought a qualifying 53-pound tuna to the scale from the same boat.

The boats set sail for Day 1 of the White Marlin Open

Day 1 of the White Marlin Open has officially arrived, and it could be a busy first day at the scales. Of the 408 boats competing this week, 292 of them decided to fish today, using one of the three fishing days allocated to them on the first day of the world’s biggest swordfishing tournament .

Last night the White Marlin Open announced that this year’s total prize pool would be $8.6 million, and it looks like a lot of today’s anglers have decided to try and start their way to that big one early. price. With the scales opening at 4 p.m. this afternoon, more updates to this live blog will come as Day 1 progresses.

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