West Seattle Blog… | WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: 4 reports

Four articles in West Seattle Crime Watch:

STOLEN CAR SUSPECTED, SUSPECT ARRESTED: Officers were looking for a stolen vehicle “which was being tracked by the victim via an app”. The first time they caught him, “he had fled”. Officers had however taken a photo and shared it with the next shift. Then around 2 p.m. he arrived at 25/Trenton. No one was inside, but police attended the scene and spotted a suspect who matched the photo. They caught up with him in an alley in the 8600 block of Delridge Way SW. He attempted to flee but was taken into custody, according to the report, via “Type II use of force” (examples are below). Police say the suspect assaulted an officer in the scuffle. He was eventually convicted on charges of possession of a stolen vehicle and third-degree assault.

GROCERY ASSAULT: It happened last Thursday but the victim decided after a few days to send us her story so others can pay attention:

On 8/11 morning at 9:55 a.m., I was walking through the doors of Morgan Street Thriftway, when a woman (white, 40, about 5’4″, brown hair [bangs and pulled back into a low bun], wearing a black Stussy long-sleeved t-shirt with an eight ball, black running shoes with yellow branding) started yelling at me, calling me the B-word pretending I was the wife of an Arab/African man (a very long name which she kept Unfortunately I was shaken and just trying to run away without remembering). She kept following me and screaming. I started running. She ran after me and pushed me from behind with both hands. Fortunately, I was not injured. If it was someone older, they might have ended up on the floor – she was small, but used force, clearly intending to knock me down.

She says she reported it to both the store and the police; the store filmed the incident and told him they recognized the woman as a former employee, so they provided a name that the victim gave to police. The victim says the officer later told him there had been another reported incident with the same person. The incident number in his case is 22-211362.

STOLEN TRAILER: The photo and the report come from Diana:

On 8/11/22 our dump trailer was stolen from our job site at 7745 Holden Place SW, plate #09574AH. A police report has been filed, case #22-211269. Please report [to police] if seen: 206-733-9800.

ALLEGED CAR THIEF CHARGED: This is one of the most recent West Seattle cases in which the King County District Attorney’s Office filed charges. 37 years Jesus R. Perez-Flores is charged with one count of possession of a stolen vehicle. Charging documents say police arrested him June 21 on Airport Way in a Ford Ranger stolen from a Puget Ridge woman nearly two weeks earlier. The vehicle caught their attention because it had no plates. Perez-Flores has no criminal record, but even before this charge was brought, he has been in jail since August 3 in connection with another stolen car case.