West Seattle Blog… | Neighbors worried about fires in Fauntleroy Park

This is a video provided by a reader showing the aftermath of a fire around 7.30am this morning in the west Fauntleroy Park. What worries the person who sent it, and another nearby resident we heard about tonight, is that there have been several fires recently. Stacy said by email:

“I have lived next to Fauntleroy Park for 13 years. Today we called 911 due to a major fire in the park at the edge of our property. SFD reacted extremely quickly and extinguished the fire using shovels, rakes, a large water hose and a chainsaw. We spoke with neighbors and found out that this was the third fire in the park in a week that the SFD had to respond to and put out. And SFD says neighbors have reported other recent fires. … I don’t think anyone saw any indication of an encampment at the sites of the fires. But the multiplicity is obviously worrying. … We hope that others will be alerted so that they are cautious and inform the fire brigade or the police of any leads.

We asked the SFD spokesperson David Cuerpo about today’s fire, which was only recorded as a ‘bushfire’. He replied: ‘I spoke to the fire department who responded to this incident. They extinguished a small smoldering fire occupying a space about eight feet in diameter. There was no clear evidence around the area that would indicate how the fire could have started. No injuries were reported. »