West Seattle Blog… | CAN YOU HELP? Chief Sealth IHS seniors ‘plan prom during pandemic’

In three months, the Chief Sealth International High School The Class of 2022 will graduate, much like their counterparts elsewhere, after spending more than half their time in high school living through a pandemic. The CSIHS senior class will be allowed to have a senior prom but need help as the pandemic has limited their fundraising opportunities. Joselyn Panganiban, a CSIHS Senior Class ASB Officer, emailed us asking for community support. Seniors have worked hard to cut costs — for example, while Seattle Center offers schools a discounted rate for prom space, she says, it’s still $2,000 — half their budget — they’re cutting so the costs of the room for beginners:

Due to our current financial circumstances, we at Chief Sealth High School have decided to hold the prom on the school grounds. Although we no longer have to pay the $2,000 or more fee that a venue would have charged, there are still many hurdles that we are currently trying to overcome in planning a prom during a pandemic. Our SBA agents have tried to find different ways to raise funds by selling merchandise, seasonal gift packs, creating direct donation links. and more. While we are beyond grateful to even have the opportunity to have a prom, that doesn’t change the fact that we wasted years of fundraising to have the prom we at Chief Sealth envisioned.

The ball is set for June 4. They also plan to welcome Sealth alumni from the classes of 2020 and 2021 who wish to attend as they were unable to have proms. If you want to contribute, here’s how.