Wait what? Jacinda is now a Nazi?

Wait? What? Jacinda is now a Nazi?

I have lost count of the number of Nazis at this demonstration now!

Dame Tariana Turia’s bizarre interview with Jacinda Ardern

Dame Tariana Turia made a bizarre claim about Jacinda Ardern in an interview that saw her question the safety of Covid vaccines and reveal her own unvaccinated status.

In an interview with Karyn Hay on RNZ last night, Turia said she had no faith in Jacinda Ardern’s leadership and accused her government of ‘harassing’ protesters.

She compared the protest to the foreshore and seabed protests, which were met by government officials.

“It’s our right as New Zealanders,” Turia said.

Valid review so far, but then things take a crazy turn…

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The interview took a bizarre turn when Turia recalled footage she claimed to have seen of the Prime Minister “almost” performing a Nazi salute.

“I have no confidence in her, I saw a video of her on TV a while back where she was almost giving a ‘Heil Hitler’ salute, as a young socialist.”

A moment of silence followed the comment, before Hay asked, “Are you serious?”

“I’m dead serious,” Turia replied.

When asked if she believed Ardern had Nazi sympathies, Turia replied, “I certainly believe she is a socialist.”

“Nazi and socialist, the two don’t necessarily go together,” Hay replied.

“Well, I’m not sure,” Turia said.

…What. The. Hell?

Jacinda was never a Nazi, her philosophy has nothing to do with the obscenity of a fascist state, the comparison of health mandates with Nazi Germany is an abomination and openly claims from a very confused place that Jacinda’s socialism is in no way associated with Nazism is something Grandma Dementia proposes, not a veteran politician.

I have enormous respect for Lady Tariana Turia, but she is wrong to claim that Jacinda is a Nazi and that demands a public apology from Lady Tariana Turia.

It’s bad enough that middle class Marxists see Nazis everywhere, we don’t need Dame Tariana Turia to add to that.

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