US-Russian relations could break down if Moscow gets ‘sponsor of terrorism’ label

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Ukraine reports widespread shelling and airstrikes by Russia on dozens of towns and military bases, especially in the east where Moscow is trying to expand its territory, as fighting rages on day 171.

Almost a third of Ukrainian territory must be cleared and demined, according to the latest estimates of the Ministry of Ecology. (Reuters archive)

Saturday, August 13, 2022

Russia says ties could sever over US statement on sponsoring terrorism

Russia has told the United States that bilateral diplomatic relations would be seriously damaged and could even be severed if Russia were declared a state sponsor of terrorism, Russian news agency Tass quoted a senior official as saying.

Alexander Darchiyev, head of the North American department of the Russian Foreign Ministry, said that if the US Senate succeeded in passing a law aimed at isolating Russia, it would mean that Washington had passed the point of no return, Tass said. .

Zelenskyy: EU should ban entry to wealthy Russians

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has issued a fresh appeal to European Union states to ban visas for Russian nationals to prevent the bloc from becoming a “supermarket” open to anyone who can afford to enter.

Zelenskyy said his proposal did not apply to Russians who needed help risking their freedom or their lives by resisting the policies of Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin.

“There must be guarantees that Russian killers or accomplices in state terrorism do not use Schengen visas,” Zelenskyy said in a speech, referring to visas granting the holder access to the Schengen area. without borders which spans several EU states.

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Source: Reuters