I don’t know where to start or how to be gentle about it. But I’m a person doing a job that’s something I have to go do something for. I exercise a function in person. I’ve been driving to work as usual during the pandemic since June 2020. So. to get to my point. What’s wrong with all of you home/work from home workers? What must we do to embolden you? Why don’t you give up and say “NO, WE WON’T BE BACK, GASOLINE IS $6 A GALLON!” Why the hell are you making people go back to the office when we know we can run the whole fucking world from everybody’s living room? It took me 47 minutes to get home the other day. I live 7 miles from work. BE STRONGER PEOPLE?!? OR stagger your fucking tee times? I try to be understanding. OF COURSE! you want to get back to “normal” life but wow are we so weak that we can’t collectively create a better pattern than bumper to bumper traffic when we REALLY know – have the lived experience now – that is completely useless? UGHHHHHHHHHH. SO UGHS.

I sincerely try not to hate this beautiful place full of weak minded people who can’t fuse with a zipper.