The live blog will cover the Gedling family’s efforts to bring Ukrainian refugees to England

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A new live blog has been created to cover the efforts of a Gedling family to welcome Ukrainians who have fled war in their home country.

This will follow their attempts to use the British government’s humanitarian sponsorship program to provide Ukrainian refugees with refuge in Britain.

The blog was created by Nottingham Trent Student Union’s Platform Magazine.

Gedling’s family of four plan to remain anonymous to protect the privacy of any refugees they may welcome through this process.

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The family has space for a parent and their children or up to two adults.

They are ready to pay travel costs from anywhere in Europe and visa application fees, as well as financially support their guests for as long as they need.

The first live stream posts below will detail key developments between March 1, when the humanitarian sponsorship program was announced, and March 9, when this article went live.

Starting March 9, it will be updated whenever there is a new detail to cover as part of this story.

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The platform hopes the latest post will focus on refugees arriving safely at the family home… no matter when.

The live blog can be read below…


About to go out but back around 9pm in case you need anything else.

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