The Beginner’s Guide to Successful Public Relations | Blog

You know that public relations is key to getting your name out there if you’re running a business. However, you may also know that public relations can be costly, especially if you don’t get the results you want.

What if I told you there is a way to get guaranteed placement for your PR campaigns without spending a fortune? It’s true! In this blog post, I’ll teach you the basics of guaranteed investing and how to make it work for your business. So read on – your next big break could be just around the corner!

Time and time again, case studies show that brands with sparkling reputations outperform bigger competitors with deeper pockets, leading to dramatic wins for underdogs in business. This happens even more frequently in the internet age.

But online reputation goes beyond public opinion. It’s not just people’s hearts and minds that a company has to win and keep, but also the massive and complex machinery of search engine algorithms powered by companies like Google.

Reputation is just the tip of the iceberg – authority, trust and consistency all play a role.

In practice, this means that businesses cannot avoid the realities of SEO and must build their brand reputation by orders of magnitude through various methods and tactics. This is where strategies like Performance PR can be so powerful, amplifying and enhancing facets of a brand’s online presence for great results.

Let’s explore the principles of performance PR and explain what separates this idea from old-school PR and traditional paint-by-numbers SEO plans that no longer hold up in 2022.

PR performance explained

When planning a PR campaign, it is essential to ensure that you are getting what you pay for. This means making sure your campaign reaches as many people as possible. What if you could guarantee the placement of your campaign? Wouldn’t it be worth the investment?

Performance PR is the process of developing and improving a brand’s online reputation, geared towards SEO results that will pay off in the long run. Here are the basic notions to understand before tackling PPR field tactics.

Domain authority

Who do we turn to when we want to know more about restaurants, tech gadgets, or any other buying decision? Above all, we ask people we trust – our friends, family members, colleagues – for recommendations.

It is natural to seek the opinion of other members of our inner circle. We believe in their opinions and trust their authority on matters ranging from where to eat, what to wear, etc.

Now just apply this principle to the world of SEO, where thousands of businesses from all niches are vying for a top position in Google’s search engine results pages.

How is Google supposed to know which pages are trustworthy enough to earn high rankings or even the coveted top spot? How do users know they will be directed to a trusted site with a good reputation when they click on a page?

The answer is Domain Authority, a sort of numerical score that captures a brand’s perceived trustworthiness and reputation on the Internet at scale.

In short, a corporate website without brand authority is worth almost nothing, and performance PR is used to solve this exact problem for brands at all levels.

Backlink Basics

There are no shortcuts to getting a higher Domain Authority Score and climbing SEO rankings. However, we know that strong backlinks are building blocks of domain authority and give a page the edge in search.

Backlinks are simply instances of a link that takes you from one part of the internet to your homepage, product page, or other area of ​​your site. This may seem insignificant at first glance, but the implications of backlinks are significant.

Think of backlinks as votes of confidence that you might get from friends and acquaintances when looking for a new gym, for example. You’d ask your fittest, most health-conscious friends about their top picks in the area, and you might not take your couch potato buddy’s opinion so seriously.

This is essentially how backlinks work in the world of Domain Authority and SEO more broadly.

If your page has a network of quality backlinks, Google’s robust algorithm will take this into account and give your site a crucial boost against competing pages that may not have the same domain authority. .

PR Performance Components

We know that backlinks build domain authority and positively affect a brand’s online reputation. Performance PR simply puts this concept into action.

PPR ensures that every backlink built is top quality, with an emphasis on the following attributes:

Relevant – Backlinks from topic-related sites count for more

Miscellaneous – Backlinks leading to different pages on your site are a good sign

Sustainable – Many backlinks come and go. Those that last have more impact

Legitimate – Buying and selling spammy backlinks is prohibited.

Well received – The more people who share and link to the article, the better.

The takeaway here is that high-value backlinks are an unparalleled asset in the quest for domain authority and overall brand reputation. Here’s how Performance PR goes about getting those links for your site.

Raising awareness among journalists

The media is still much more reliable than random blogs and social media posts. Google knows it, and so do we.

Performance PR leverages connections with real journalists on the front lines, placing valuable links in breaking news, interviews and other timely resources.

Influencer Marketing

The right influencer is like kerosene for a paid media campaign or a guest blog in the right corner of the web.

Through talent agencies and direct relationships, successful PR strategies put brands in the right place, at the right time, and with the right people, for exceptional results.

Give your brand the edge

Every minute of the day, brands fight in the digital realm for a position on the SEO chart that positively affects and in the minds of customers around the world.

Performance PR is the method that sees through the matrix of concepts like domain authority and backlink best practices, propelling brands to new heights with far less time and effort than traditionally required.

Old-school PR tactics may be enough to put out fires and make the occasional splash, but your brand will only realize its full potential in the new digital landscape through PR performance.