Texas A&M Aggies vs Arkansas Razorbacks Live Game Blog: Aggies shows close combat

Texas A&M Aggies men’s basketball team continue the SEC portion of their schedule on Saturday in a noon match against the Arkansas Razorbacks at College Station.

The Aggies (12-2, 1-0 SEC) have a perfect 8-0 record at Reed Arena this season, and are looking to extend that streak as well as go undefeated in the SEC game, following a relentless 81- win. 79 against Georgia. Tuesday in its opening of the conference schedule.

The Razorbacks (10-4, 0-2 SEC) suffered a 75-74 loss to Vanderbilt on Tuesday in a frenzied final at Bud Walton Arena in Fayetteville.

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The Aggies and Razorbacks are heating up and the seats in the Reed Arena are filling up. According to ESPN’s BPI, the Aggies have a 65.2% chance of winning before the start of the game compared to Arkansas’ 34.8%.

The Razorbacks won the tip.

15:44 First Half: Razorbacks 13, Aggies 5

The Razorbacks’ inside offense is striking right now with JD Notae making two undisputed first layups added by jumper Stanly Umude giving Arkansas a 6-2 lead after Tyrece Radford scored under the basket.

Arkansas extended their lead to 11-4 after a jumper from Notae and a 3 point from Umude, but Radford responded with a mid-range shot.

Henry Coleman III of the Aggies made 1 of 2 fouls after being slapped by Davonte Davis and on the second missed shot the Razorbacks take the defensive rebound on the other end and hit with a jumper Umude making the score 13-5 Arkansas .

11:38 First Half: Razorbacks 22, Aggies 14

Ethan Henderson of the Aggies put in a defensive rebound and took him to the other end for a layup, but Arkansas responded with another JD Notae pointer at 3 points, pushing the Hogs to 16-7.

A&M’s Aaron Cash fouls Stanly Umude for 1 of 2 free throws as Coleman III gets the defensive rebound and scores on the other end, making it 17-9 in Arkansas. The Razorbacks JD Notae is on fire and hits another 3-point shot which is answered by A&M’s Wade Taylor IV on the other end, 20-11 Razorbacks.

The two teams trade turnovers and defensive rebounds before Taylor IV strikes downtown and Arkansas’ Au’Diese Toney gets into the lay-up action making the 22-14 Hogs score. .

7:32 First Half: Razorbacks 27, Aggies 24

An Arkansas layup by Jaylin Williams and a 3-point shot from Tyrece Radford take the score to 24-17 as the Aggies try to get closer to the scoreboard before half-time. JD Notae made 1 of 2 free throws on a Henry Coleman III foul before Quenton Jackson finally climbed the board with a layup for Arkansas 25-19.

JD Notae returns to the scoresheet with a jumper extending the Hogs’ lead to 27-19. Wade Taylor IV throws a free throw after a foul by Au’Diese Toney, and the Aggies’ Javonte Brown dunked an assist from Marcus Williams as A&M came close to five at 27-22. Quenton Jackson stole the ball from Trey Wade and hands the ball home for a score of 27-24.

3:24 First Half: Razorbacks 31, Aggies 32

Marcus Williams equalized the game just after the time-out with a 3-point pointer, but he was answered by a jumper from Jaylin Wiliams. Wade Taylor IV came right back with his own rider to tie the game at 29 before Quenton Jackson hit 1 of 2 free throws to give the Aggies their first lead of the game at 30-29.

Jackson was fouled again and made both free kicks, extending A&M’s lead to 32-39 and the Aggies are now pressing on the defense as they have already forced seven turnovers from the Razorbacks in the game.

Arkansas crushes the boards hard, however, to overtake the Aggies 17-12. On a defensive rebound from Jaylin Williams, Davonte Davis scored on a layup as Arkansas closed to 32-31 on the timeout. The Aggies are 13-2.

HALF TIME: Razorbacks 35, Aggies 37

The teams traded missed layups and defensive rebounds out of the timeout as the game clock ticked under the two minutes remaining in half-time. A&M’s Marcus Williams scored on a layup before the Hogs’ Stanley Umude dunked home on an assist from Davonte Davis.

Hassan Diarra responded with his own layup on the other end for the Aggies, making the score 36-33 A&M. Javonte Brown scored 1 of 2 fouls on Kamani Johnson’s hacking foul which gave the Aggies their biggest lead at 37-33.

With 21 seconds left in the half, JD Notae made two free throws bringing Arkansas to 37-35 as the Aggies called for a time out with 16 seconds left.

A&M couldn’t get a good offensive look and half time ends.

A&M is shooting 51.9% from the field on 14 of 27 shots while Arkansas has 14 of 33 shots for 42.4%.

JD Notae leads Arkansas with 17 points while Jaylin Williams knocked down seven boards and Davonte Davis leads with four assists.

The Aggies are led by Wade Taylor IV with eight points and Henry Coleman III with four rebounds, while Andre Gordon has three assists.

15:25 Second half: Razorbacks 41, Aggies 51

Davonte Davis missed the first shot of the second half for the Razorbacks, but Jaylin Williams made a layup to tie the game at 37. Andre Gordon had 3 points to put the Aggies back ahead before two straight layups from Hogs by Toney and Notae.

Tyrece Radford put the Aggies back in the lead with a 3-point score and Henderson and Coleman laid out lay-ups to 47-41 A&M. Henry Coleman III delivered a free kick before Andre Gordon hit another jumper, pushing A & M’s lead to 50-41.

Davonte Davis fouled Marcus Williams who made 1 of 2 free throws to give the Aggies the 10-point lead at 51-41.

14:20 Second Half: Razorbacks 43, Aggies 58

Jaylin Williams hit a jumper for the Razorbacks, but the Aggies got even more aggressive on offense after the TV timeout and scored seven points on a Wade Taylor IV three and Henry Coleman III making the score 58-43 Aggies. .

11:33 Second Half: Razorbacks 46, Aggies 60

The two teams traded turnovers and defensive rebounds out of the timeout before Quenton Jackson added two for A&M on a jumper giving the Aggies a 16-point lead, their biggest.

Kamani Johnson fell in a layup making the score 60-46 A&M.

7:29 Second Half: Razorbacks 58, Aggies 70

Kamani Johnson had a pair of free kicks for the Razorbacks before Andre Gordon hit a 3 point and Quenton Jackson threw a dunk making the score 65-48, causing a timeout for the Razorbacks.

Au’Diese Toney delivered an easy and unchallenged layup and JD Notae scored 3 points, bringing the score to 65-53 Aggies. The Razorbacks had three offensive rebounds in a row before a Quenton Jackson foul.

Henry Coleman III hit a 3-point pointer to which a layup from Jalin Williams responded. Arkansas closed to 10 on a 3-point JD Notae, but Quenton Jackson hit a jumper, extending the lead to 70-58.

3:56 Second Half: Razorbacks 68, Aggies 78

The Razorbacks made four free throws on fouls from Wade Taylor IV and Quenton Jackson, bringing Arkansas down to eight points at 70-62.

Andre Gordon reduced A&M’s lead to ten with a layup at the other end, then hit 1 of 2 free throws, pushing the lead to 73-62. Davonte Davis then hit three free kicks answered by Coleman III for a score of 65-75.

Coleman III hit a free throw followed by a 3-point JD Notae shot putting the Hogs eight at 76-68 before coach Buzz Williams called a time out for the Aggies.

Andre Gordon hit a jumper out of the timeout, pushing the lead back to 10.

FINAL: Razorbacks 81, Aggies 86

Marcus Williams made 1 of 2 free kicks during the timeout, and Arkansas started smashing the boards, grabbing four offensive rebounds on four consecutive misses in back-to-back possessions. Davonte Davis hit under the basket and was fouled, taking the foul shot for a score of 79-71.

Kamani Johnson and JD Notae had free throws that brought Arkansas down to six at 79-73 before the Aggies called a time out with 1:55 to go.

Au’Diese Toney broke free for a dunk, bringing the score to 79-75 with 1:39 to go. The Razorbacks went 79-78 on a jump shot from Notae, but A&M’s Quenton Jackson responded with a 3 point composure with 34 seconds left, giving the Aggies a four point lead.

JD Notae was fouled by Marcus Williams and made both free kicks, reducing the lead to two at 82-80.

Arkansas started fouling the in-bounds pass with 14 seconds left. Hassan Diarra made both free throws and Notae missed a jumper with six seconds left. Davonte Davis hit a free throw after being found by Ethan Henderson and the Razorbacks called a time out at 84-81 with five seconds remaining.

Davonte Davis returned the ball out of the time-out and Marcus Williams suffered a foul four seconds from time. Williams hit both free kicks to end the game.