Survivor 42 Episode 9 Recap: Game of Chicken [UPDATING LIVE BLOG]

After the elimination last week of Chanelle Howelonly the castaways of the Top 10 remained in the running to win “Survivor 42”: Lindsay Dolashewich, Maryanne Oketch, Romeo Escobar, Tori Meehan, Rocks Roy Bailey, Drea Wheeler, Hai Giang, Mike Turner, Omar Zahier and Jonathan Young. This week the host Jeff Prost informed the players that there would be of them individual immunity winners and of them people go home. Did your favorites survive the shocking double elimination?

Below, read our minute-by-minute recap of “Game of Chicken” “Survivor 42” Episode 9 to find out what happened on Wednesday, April 27 at 8:00 PM ET/PT. Then be sure to talk in the comments section about your favorite castaways from the CBS reality show, who annoys you the most and who you think will eventually join the list of “Survivor” winners and take home the big one. million dollar prize.

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20:00 – “Previously on ‘Survivor’! In the eighth episode, the players were randomly divided for a reward challenge, with Drea volunteering to take Maryanne’s place on the sit-out bench because she didn’t like peanut butter and The jelly. Drea found the “knowledge is power” perk under her bench, adding it to her collection of an amulet, an idol, and an extra vote. Later, Tori won her second consecutive immunity challenge, once again bringing her to safety. The central alliance then split their votes between Chanelle and Romeo, with Chanelle getting the bulk of the votes and going home. Which two players will soon join her on the jury?

8:01 p.m. – Romeo stressed to his fellow tribesmen that there were no hard feelings, despite three votes against him in tribal council that night. As he thanked the tribe for keeping him, he confessed to the cameras that he no longer liked anyone in the game. Meanwhile, Hai was on the hunt for who might have voted against him. At first he suspected Tori, but soon realized it was probably Romeo. Romeo completely denied it, even though he totally voted for him, admitting it was just to see him squirm. With nothing left to lose, he revealed he was ready to wreak havoc and began campaigning to take Hai down.

8:03 p.m. – After daybreak, Hai made it clear that the feeling was mutual, telling Jonathan, Mike, and Rocksroy that he wanted Romeo gone next. Rocksroy had other concerns, pointing out that despite him and Jonathan providing for the tribe, they were not liked by others. He proposed an all-male alliance, noting that there are more males than females left in the game. Jonathan and Mike were on board with this plan, but Hai and Omar decidedly weren’t. While Hai and Omar assured Rocksroy that they were receptive to this alliance of men, Hai told the cameras that he was not interested in being part of a “misogyny club”, while Omar said Rocksroy didn’t even talk about the game with him. That much. Rocksroy’s overbearing attitude also made Hai want him over Romeo (who oddly wasn’t invited into the guys’ alliance).

8:09 p.m. — During the Immunity Challenge, Jeff revealed that not one but two players would walk away with an Immunity Necklace. The 10 castaways would be divided into two groups of five, with one winner from each group. That night, the two groups would go to separate tribal councils, meaning two people would be sent to the jury. The challenge was to balance on a triangular platform in choppy waters. The last person standing would also win a reward for their team – beef and vegetable skewers.

8:10 p.m. — The teams were split as follows — Drea, Jonathan, Lindsay, Maryanne and Tori made up the blue team while Hai, Mike, Omar, Rocksroy and Romeo were orange. The challenge got off to a rocky start as Maryanne, Rocksroy, Omar and Mike all crashed within seconds. Only a few minutes passed when Drea, Tori and Romeo all went down, making Hai the winner of the orange group. From the blue team, Jonathan and Lindsay fought, but it was Jonathan who held on and not only won immunity, but outlasted Hai for the reward. With Hai and Jonathan safe, both teams were informed that they would not be returning to camp together – the orange group would go to Taku’s old camp while the blue would return to their fusion camp to enjoy their reward.

8:17 p.m. – At the old beach in Taku, Romeo pointed out that it was his worst nightmare, considering he had nothing in common with Mike or Rocksroy and had just fought with Hai. While he thought it was obvious he would be the easy vote, nothing is ever that simple in this new era of “Survivor.” While Rocksroy reaffirmed the all-guys alliance and assumed it would indeed be a clean vote, Omar had other intentions. Omar pointed out that Romeo would be more loyal to him, while Rocksroy’s stickiness could cause problems down the line. He told Romeo that they should eliminate Rocksroy, and while Romeo was happy to go along with the plan, he realized that the swing vote was his rival, Hai. Omar and Hai had a discussion about the benefits of removing Rocksroy instead of Romeo. While Hai was happy to eliminate Rocksroy, he knew it could cause trouble with his closest ally, Mike. Hai presented the new plan to Mike, who feared that voting against Rocksroy would make them untrustworthy. He had also given his word to Rocksroy, so he was at an impasse.

8:21 p.m. — On the Kula Kula beach side, the blue team enjoyed their skewers but quickly went into play mode. Lindsay assumed it would be a stress-free vote and Tori would be the one to go, but again, that was not so easy. Jonathan revealed that now that he has protection in the form of immunity, he is ready to take his big step. He proposed a plan to Maryanne for them to eliminate Drea, hoping to drive her idol out of the game. Maryanne was good with this plan, but also annoyed by Jonathan’s condescending attitude towards her. Maryanne then informed Tori of the plan, who was eager to help them take out her former rival, Drea.

8:24 p.m. – Meanwhile, Jonathan tried to manipulate Drea into believing that the plan was to eliminate Maryanne, in order to flush out her idol. While Drea was excited about the idea, she also thought it was a red flag considering she had her own idol. Jonathan then pitched his “blindside Drea” plan to Lindsay, who raised a valid concern that Drea could very easily play her idol, resulting in Maryanne returning home. Their discussion became tense when Lindsay brought up the idea of ​​having Tori as a replacement, to prevent Maryanne from being a victim. Jonathan was stubborn about his master plan and Lindsay claimed he wasn’t listening to her. Lindsay then went to Maryanne and pointed out that the original Taku tribe could still have power if they took out Tori.

8:30 p.m. – During the first tribal council consisting of Hai, Mike, Omar, Rocksroy and Romeo, the discussion revolved around the ability to adapt to the ever-changing twists and turns of the game, like the one in this very episode. While everyone probably went into this immunity challenge with a plan in mind for the next vote, this twist changed everything. Rocksroy continued to observe that it was a smooth and easy day at camp, unaware that plans were underway to take him out. When the votes rolled in, it was clear that Rocksroy had been outplayed as it was voted down unanimously. He was then assigned to sit with Chanelle on the jury bench.

8:40 p.m. — The blue group then arrived, and all five Drea, Jonathan, Lindsay, Maryanne and Tori seemed shocked to see Rocksroy sitting next to Chanelle. Drea was obviously the blindest of them all, admitting it changed her whole mindset for tonight. She went on to talk about how sad it was to see black contestants walk out of the game one after another and wondered if they might be unconscious biases at play. Drea then revealed to everyone that she was playing her idol to keep her safe, leading to Jonathan whispering to her who she wanted out. Drea said Tori should leave and more whispering started.

8:44 p.m. – Maryanne cut out all whispers and openly told the group that there was no way she could write Drea’s name, with two black players already on the jury. Jonathan expressed that he felt like he was being accused of being racist, but Drea and Maryanne made it clear that it wasn’t so much about individuals as understanding where they both came from when ‘they see a pattern of minorities eliminated early. . Drea broke down in tears, saying she didn’t agree with perpetuating this cycle, while Maryanne said she too was playing her idol, which would send a message that this vote was not meant to make others feel guilty. so that they keep it for racial reasons. Maryanne then launched into a powerful speech about how everyone comes into the game with certain burdens, but some players naturally have a privilege that makes it easier to succeed in the game.

8:52 p.m. – Jeff welcomed the discussion and canceled the formal vote, instead letting the players have an open discussion about who to vote on. Both Drea and Maryanne played their idols, and with Jonathan also immune, it was either Lindsay or Tori. All three, Drea, Jonathan, and Maryanne expressed their intention to eliminate Tori, but Tori was not going to go down without a fight. She played her shot in the dark, and when it was revealed she was unsafe, she was officially eliminated from the match.

THE NEXT TIME: Omar cryptically states that you have to pick the right person at the right time, or you’ll be the next out. Mike is furious that Hai lied to him, while Hai and Lindsay conspire to take out Jonathan.

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