Student blog: My favorite musical moments

For starters, most of these moments will probably come from Hadesvilleand hamilton because they are my favorite musicals.

10. “One more day” – Wretched

One of my favorite things about musicals is when everyone sings different lines at the same time and then comes together towards the end. Not only does this create a unique challenge when trying to sing this song in the car, as you can’t just sing part of it, but it’s also just an interesting aspect that only works in musical theater. I also usually have a special appreciation for the songs just before intermission. I can’t explain why, but they sometimes hit differently.

9. “What you mean to me” – Finding Neverland

I just really like love songs. Also, the first time I saw this musical, I was fascinated by the shadows on the wall of the small lamp during this scene. It felt like it was done on purpose and this song quickly became one of my favorites from the musical.

8. “All I Ask of You” and “All I Ask of You (Reprise)” – The Phantom of the Opera

This moment is once again a pre-intermission, and part love song. I like the transition from a happy moment between Raoul and Christine to Phantom, who watched the whole scene, swearing revenge on them, starting with knocking down the chandelier in the opera.

7. The end of “Non-Stop” – hamilton

I feel like my reasoning for favorite moments sometimes comes from “feeling” and I have no real reasoning behind why I ranked it where I did.

6. “Lobster Diner” Sketch – SNL

So it’s not taken from a real musical, but rather from a sketch of SNL when John Mulaney hosted. This skit uses songs from Wretched, and I just found it hilarious. The sketch combines two of my favorite things, John Mulaney, and musicals. It’s a sketch that I will often rewatch and rewatch several times, and each time it still makes me laugh.

5. “All I’ve Ever Known” – Hadesville

At this point, I feel like I’m repeating myself, but again, it’s a love song, and it’s from my favorite (current) musical, so obviously it had to end up on this listing.

4. “Road to Hell (Reprise)” – Hadesville

Yes, this song makes me cry. From the first time I listened to it, to see it on Broadway, and all the time in between, it makes me cry. But the theme of hope in this song makes it one of my favorite musical moments.

3. “Livin’ it Up on Top” – Hadesville

Similar to “Road to Hell (Reprise)”, this song has one of my favorite quotes from the entire musical: “to the world we dream of and the one we live in now”. It’s something that’s stuck with me since the first time I listened to the soundtrack in 2020.

2. “Wait for it” – hamilton

I get chills every time I listen to this song. This is my favorite moment in all of Hamilton.

1. “Wait for Me” and “Wait for Me (Reprise)” – Hadesville

These are my two favorite songs from Hadesville. I love the staging of the two scenes. When I saw it live, I was amazed and got chills because of those scenes. With Hadesville as my current favorite musical, it represents 4 of my top 5 favorite musical moments. Honestly, the entire musical could make this list, but these are the moments that really stood out for me.