SPRING GAME BLOG: Geaux Nation updates from Tiger Stadium | WNTZ

Keep it here for in-game updates from inside Sporting Director Brian Holland’s Tiger Stadium…

FINAL (White wins 59-31):

Walker Howard gets his first score of the afternoon, finding a streaky, wide-open Corren Norman out of the backfield on a wheel drive to the end zone. Norman came in intact from 55 yards – an obvious defensive cover bust.

WR Malik Nabers makes a circus grab from the back of the end zone, as Safety Sage Ryan returns a pass from Myles Brennan in the air, leaving Nabers all alone with a (fairly) easy grab for the touchdown.

Jayden Daniels continues his day with a 20-yard touchdown pass to Jack Bech. The Whites extend their lead to 45-28.

Nussmeier leads the first drive at halftime – a 75-yard drive that started with a 37-yard run from Tre Bradford. Nussmeier then completed a 30-yard pass to Malik Nabers. The offense hit with an 8-yard touchdown pass to Jack Bech.

Garrett Nussmeier continues a productive day with a 27-yard pass that was a stumble by Josh Williams away from a touchdown. Williams would hit it from that one-yard spot just two plays later for the score.

Armoni Goodwin fires a 75-yard touchdown (5 touches, 57 yards) that was capped off with a 7-yard touchdown run from Josh Williams.

The biggest play of the day comes from Jayden Daniels with a 39 yard rainbow pass to Brian Thomas Jr who is caught and brought down at the 1 yard line. Daniels wins in two plays later for the touchdown.

Next practice – Charles Turner drives the ball over Brennan’s head and Quency Wiggins collects the fumble to end the practice.

The second quarter begins with a sack to end Myles Brennan’s drive.

The first quarter ends with Violet (Defense) leading White (Attack), 19-10.

Garrett Nussmeier converts a 4-and-8 near midfield into Chris Hilton Jr to keep Nuss’ second drive of the game alive. Armoni Goodwin scores the game’s first touchdown on First & Goal from the 10-yard line. The scoring streak lasted 12 plays and 74 yards to draw Team White within six: 16-10.

LSU linebacker Greg Penn III flies on defense. I like what I see from the second year!

The first offensive points came from a 48-yard field goal via kicker Ezekeal Mata. The defense (purple team) leads 8-3 after 3 sacks and a 3-and-out in the first two possessions. The scoring campaign was led by QB Garrett Nussmeier.

The first Spring Game snap comes from transfer QB Jayden Daniels – it’s a surprise! No surprise… his first pass attempt ends up being an 8-yard dash.

Pre-game observations:

Baton Rouge boy and former Madison Prep star Quency Wiggins looks the part! Wow, he was impressive getting ready in Capitol City, but standing next to the college’s other defensive wings, he fits right in and really stands out!

Someone else who caught my eye during warm-ups was Saivion Jones. He’s tall and certainly made an impression on the coaching staff during spring practices.

Watch Chris Hilton Jr to get a lot of reps – I think in a game situation he’s going to make the case for a starting spot.