I don’t care that you let me down. I always knew you were going. I wish you had done it sooner. I feel better than in months. I still can’t believe you dumped me because I had feelings for your sister. I never made any gestures with her. I didn’t tell you because I knew you’d make a big deal out of it. It does not make any sense. You never tried to understand me. You always made me feel like crap for having ADHD. You always made me feel ugly and useless. I never used you for your sister. I would never do that to anyone, let alone you. Besides, your sister doesn’t even love me back. So why would I use you to get closer to someone who doesn’t even like me. You never cared about me. I cared about you. Now I’m moving on to the next chapter of my life, without you and your sister. And I couldn’t be happier.