See more musicals on Broadway

After going to New York for my winter break, my mom and I decided to come back to see more musicals during my spring break. Again, we didn’t really have a plan of what to do while we were there, but we knew we wanted to see Hadesville once again. In addition to seeing Hadesville again, I could also see come from afarand Red Mill! Musical comedy.

come from afar

come from afar was a musical that my mother really wanted to see. We had missed it while touring Durham, NC, as well as Chicago. Although I’m not really familiar with the musical, I still enjoyed it. I liked how there was a small cast and how the actors played multiple roles. come from afar is also much shorter than most other musicals, as it was only about 100 minutes long, with no intermission. The length worked well for the story. He uses those 100 minutes effectively to tell a full story.


Although this is now the third time I’ve seen Hadesville and knowing how it ends, I still enjoyed it as much as the first time I saw it in January. Every time I watched it, I picked up different elements and different lyrics came out to me. It really is a musical that I could talk about for hours and listen to over and over again and never get tired of it. I know how the story will end, and yet I still hope that Orpheus doesn’t turn around and that the musical ends well. After this viewing, one line stood out to me the most. In “Road to Hell (Reprise)”, Hermès says “Know how it ends and sing it again like it could happen this time. I learned that from a friend of mine.” Although we know how this story will end, we still watch it with hope that it will end better.

Red Mill! Musical comedy

Seeing this musical was an impulsive decision due to the weather while we were in New York. My mom and I decided to see the Matinee show because we were going to see Hadesville tonight. While we were waiting for the musical to start, a lady sitting next to me looked at me and said that I was “very brave to be here”. I’m pretty sure she thought I was 12 (I’m 19, just a bit for my age) and that’s why she told me that. I really didn’t know much about it Red Mill!, I just knew it was a musical jukebox, which isn’t usually a style I enjoy. However, I loved how the songs were integrated into the story and they felt like an integral part of the musical. I especially wanted to see it because Aaron Tveit is one of my favorite musical actors, and I was very excited when I saw him take the stage. Even if Aaron Tveit wasn’t playing Christian that day, I would have enjoyed the musical anyway, but seeing him play became the highlight of my day.

Like when I went to see musicals over winter break, I’m so glad the musicals are back. Even with access to professional footage and the soundtrack of the cast recording, there’s nothing better than seeing a musical performed live on stage.