Saturday Blog: Start of the warm-up and preview of our next storm system. -Doug

Saturday Blog: Start of the warm-up and preview of our next storm system. -Doug

Well, we’ve been through another week with ice and snow, but we’re heading into the weekend and the weather is looking to be much better next week. In fact, the weather is pretty calm for the next week. We’re in a lull in the Heady Pattern, but it’s really going to pick up here in about a week.

Another cold start Saturday with temps through mid-teens. But the afternoon won’t be so bad. We will have lots of cloud as a weak system passes just to the south. I think any rain or sleet will stay in north central AR.

We will add about 10 degrees by Sunday. Sunday looks good as we will push the 50.


Most of the week looks good. Most days we’ll be well into the 60s to push 70 degrees. It’s going to be amazing after a bit of a rough month of February that we had. But again, don’t forget that the bad weather season is about to kick off next month. It might be a bit difficult over the next 3 and a half months. We look pretty good until next Saturday. We will have a stronger system rolling in giving us showers and thunderstorms.

Next Saturday

There is a decent hit that could be strong to severe. I will keep you posted. The long term forecast is below.


Next weekend: Showers and thunderstorms Saturday, some heavy to violent. A little cooler when drying on Sunday.

March 6-12: Another wave arrives on Monday and Tuesday with showers and a few thunderstorms. Becoming cooler behind this system which could give us some snow around Tuesday or Wednesday. Staying cool with a chance of rain or snow returning by the weekend.

March 13-19: A cool start but most of the week will be mild. Chances of thunderstorms increasing through the weekend.

March 20-26: A cool start with a chance of rain or snow on Sunday. Midweek warming with a slight chance of thunderstorms midweek. Cooling towards the weekend.