Redemption Time for Todd Bowles –

Redemption time for Todd Bowles

August 30, 2022

Behavior masks fire.

Joe was very surprised to read this.

Joe has mentioned from time to time on “The Ira Kaufman Podcast” that Joe thinks the Bucs will miss out on former Bucco coach Bruce Arians’ advantage, the Bucs’ Super Bowl winner. Players often take on the personality of their coaches.

Firey coaches have Firey teams. Brain coaches have brain teams. You get the drift.

The handful of times Joe has interacted with Bucs coach Todd Bowles outside of a press conference, Bowles couldn’t be a nicer guy. Always prompt with a smile if not a laugh. And if you’re not careful, he’ll ask you how you’re doing before he gets the first crack.

This image apparently masks an indoor fire that’s Albert Breer apparently heard about a week ago when he was in Tampa on his own boot camp tour. Bowles, seemingly upset that his team is dragging their ass, turned on his players which even shocked a Bucs staffer.

[T]69 year old man [Bruce Arians] had a pretty good idea of ​​what was to come.

But the colleague standing next to Arians when Bowles called the team certainly didn’t. A few minutes later, she was stunned, and even a little amused.

“I didn’t expect to hear so many swear words since you left,” she joked to Arians.

“Oh yeah, he’s got it in him,” Arians replied. “I promise.”

Jo like read this. And the thing about it, which earned Bowles the respect of his players.

Bowles could easily have done this when reporters, photographers and TV cameramen were nearby. Instead, he called his team into a giant huddle. No one heard it except the players and coaches (and a few staff). Bowles didn’t embarrass his team in front of the likes of Joe who would have been happy to quickly post something on social media about Bowles’ outburst on his team.

It’s the sign of a smart coach, a coach who thinks about his team. Players recognize this stuff. And they appreciate it.

This is what some people call “attachment”.