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QB trade could happen next week

February 25, 2022

The NFL trade season is closed and won’t reopen for some time, but it’s important to remember that trades can still be agreed to now.

When was Matthew Stafford traded to the Rams?

The tentative agreement between Detroit and Los Angeles came days before the Super Bowl last year, then became official in March.

And when the 49ers traded Alex Smith to the Chiefs. This massive 2013 deal was made on February 27 of the same year and closed the following month.

Longtime 49ers reporter Matt Maiocco took to KNBR radio this week and reminded fans of the timeline of past franchise quarterback trades. And he also said he expects Niners quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo to have the opportunity to speak to the teams he is ready to be traded to and that a deal could be reached in principle next week. at the NFL Scouting Combine.

For those unaware, the Combine is something of a spring break for NFL executives, agents, and coaches. They’re all in the same city, and presumably few families and gamer wives want to soak up Indianapolis in the dead of winter. Lots of deals are done there, as are lots of drinks and parties. (And sometimes that leads to finalizing deals.)

Would the Bucs trade for Garoppolo? If his thumb is healthy, Joe thinks the Bucs would be interested, especially if they can renegotiate a contract with Jimmy GQ or have the 49ers eat part of his $27 million salary.

If there’s one QB winner who would deeply understand the extraordinary challenge of succeeding Tom Brady, it’s Garoppolo.