OnePlus 10T launch live blog: Follow the arrival of the new Android phone


There’s an hour left until launch, so hopefully the OnePlus live stream will start soon.

This year we also saw a few OnePlus Nord phones: the Nord 2T, Nord CE 2 and Nord CE 2 Lite.

They’re all relatively affordable phones, especially by 10 Pro standards, designed for people who want a premium feature or two but don’t pay top dollar.

In China, the OnePlus Ace was launched, but it did not leave the country.

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The OnePlus 10 Pro is one of our favorite phones of 2022 so far, so the 10T has big boots to follow – although it doesn’t look like it’s trying to emulate its older sibling. It looks more like he’s trying to provide an alternate version of it.

That’s why there’s no zoom camera, a seemingly flat screen and a smaller battery – it’s all about speed on this new phone, in terms of charging and performance.

Battery and charging information has also already been confirmed, and we imagine that’s something that will be very appealing to the device.

The PSU is 4,800mAh which is quite big, but the eye-catching spec here is the 150W charging.

It’s not the first phone with such fast power speeds, but we certainly haven’t seen one that powers up faster yet, and we can expect to see the phone go from empty to full in less than 20 minutes.

OnePlus will certainly go into more detail on this at launch.

OnePlus 10 Pro

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Another thing OnePlus has confirmed is the lack of an alert slider, a popular feature on the company’s phones – you can see it on the edge of the OnePlus 10 Pro in the photo above.

An alert slider makes it easy to switch between silent, vibrate, or full volume modes for notifications without having to open your phone. You can easily mute it when you enter a meeting or unmute it when you leave, without spending hours in menus.

As we said, this is a popular OnePlus feature, and fans are already upset about its removal.

Another camera tidbit we know about the OnePlus 10T is that it won’t feature the Hasselblad branding of previous OnePlus phones.

This brand boasted that the legacy camera brand Hasselblad contributed some of the camera hardware and software for the phone, and in the 10 Pro it showed up in a few new camera modes and AI adjustments to normal photo mode.

It’s unclear if the lack of branding means these modes won’t reappear, or if it’s just the marketing aspect that’s changed, and OnePlus likely won’t discuss it on stage. We’ll have to test the phone ourselves to see.

The OnePlus 10T live stream has launched on YouTube, and you can watch it here (opens in a new tab).

This does not mean that a video is playing at the moment – it is just a premiere, the actual video must start 15 minutes before the start of the event.

Another thing OnePlus has confirmed is that the 10T will get the Sony IMX766 sensor for its main camera. It’s a 50-megapixel snapper that we’ve seen quite a bit of use in budget phones over the past few months.

In fact, we’ve tested it extensively through phones like the Realme 9 Pro Plus and Nothing Phone (1). We found it to be very good for low-light images, at least compared to other sensors we see used in budget mobiles.

Realme 9 Pro Plus camera sample

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Here are some images we took on the Realme phone, to give an example of how it performs at night.

While the sensor stands out from the crowd for low-light photography, its performance isn’t as impressive in well-lit conditions. It’s not bad, it just doesn’t stand out as much from the competition.

We’ll have to hear about the OnePlus 10T’s other cameras, though, before passing judgment on its photographic prowess.

OnePlus 10T

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OnePlus hasn’t exactly been shy with information about the phone.

Here’s a great example – it’s the phone in green and black (an image OnePlus shared long before the one at the top of this article).

That’s what let us know that the phone resembles the OnePlus 10 Pro and also has three cameras.

What’s interesting is that OnePlus had two launches today.

One was obviously the OnePlus 10T launch – which is probably what you’re here for – but the other was a Chinese-only launch for the OnePlus Ace Pro.

However, this second launch event was canceled at the last minute, and it’s unclear why. What’s doubly odd is that this cancellation happened the day after Motorola canceled a similar China-only event.

So what’s going on? We don’t know – but the OnePlus 10T launch is still on the way.

It’s time for the OnePlus 10T launch live blog on TechRadar, and we’re revving up the engine for another launch event – there’s still hours until the OnePlus live stream begins, so it’s not so there’s no need to reheat your popcorn yet.