NDDoH launches Knowtify, a health resource blog

The North Dakota Department of Health (NDDoH) is introducing a new informative blog on its website called Knowtify, offering a variety of fresh and verified health content aimed at educating North Dakotans on what they need to know, pleasant way.

Written articles, video segments, audio interviews and infographics fill the new site, which can be found at knowtify.health.nd.gov. New content will be added regularly, keeping residents up to date with relevant information including COVID-19, health and wellness, immunization, safety, seasonal topics, nutrition, fitness, medical education , etc. Knowtify content is created by NDDoH members and other trusted healthcare professionals whose information has been verified by the NDDoH. The site is a source of credible information and advice in the fields of science, medicine, public health and academia.

“NDDoH has very active social media sites and great resources on their website. The Knowtify blog brings this information together in one place, sortable by topic,” said Marie Moe, Director of Communications at NDDoH. “Content is developed and curated for North Dakotans and the Knowtify Blog brings this important health information together in one place.”

Knowtify will also serve as an archive for people to access digital media originally shared on NDDoH’s social media channels, allowing residents who do not regularly visit social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Youtube. A translation tool, located in the upper right corner of the website, offers users the option for site visitors to view information in Arabic, English, Kurdish (Bahdini), Nepali, Somali, Latin American Spanish and Simplified Chinese. .

In addition to the blog site, the NDDoH introduced a statewide radio spot to raise awareness, share relevant health information, and publicize the Knowtify blog. Titled “One Minute For Your Health,” the audio segments feature NDDoH subject matter experts and guests speaking on current public health topics. All radio clips can also be listened to on the Knowtify blog.

“At a time when it can sometimes be difficult for people to know what is true when they are online, the Knowtify blog provides a trusted source of content that has been verified by public health professionals,” said Moe.