MSSP Live Alert 2022: Cybersecurity Conference Live Blog

When MSSP Alert Live 2022 kicks off on Monday, I look forward to hosting fireside chats with ConnectWise CISO Patrick Beggs, CEO of Secureworks Wendy Thomas and Booz Allen Hamilton Senior VP Wade Alt.

To note: Keep checking this blog — with session previews, recaps, and hallway conversations — throughout the conference at the Watergate Hotel (September 19-21, Washington DC).

MSSP Live Alert: Day One Conversations (September 19, 2022)

Day one conversations – featuring open-ended Q&A with our MSP and MSSP attendees – will cover areas such as…

Patrick Beggs, CISO, ConnectWise

The discussion will feature takeaways from the research

1. Seven cyber truths for MSPs and MSSPs: I’ll share the key takeaways from our latest list of the top 250 MSSPs and our research. We’ll identify the cyber ups and downs that MSPs have faced over the past five years, and preview where MSPs and MSSPs are heading next in the cyber market.

ConnectWise CISO Patrick Beggs will be on hand to keep me honest while providing key insights into the MSP and MSSP industry from a CISO’s perspective. Beggs and I first met at the ConnectWise IT Nation Secure 2022 conference in June 2022. During that conversation, he described how the company — and its MSP community — continues to strengthen its cyber defenses…

Wendy K. Thomas, CEO, Secureworks

2. Extend traditional MSSP to managed XDR policies: Next, Secureworks CEO Wendy Thomas will join me to discuss key learnings as part of an aggressive pivot to eXtended Detection and Response (XDR) services and technologies. This session is especially timely for MSPs and MSSPs looking to build next-generation services, while assessing the associated talent, technology, and partner requirements.

A bit of background: Secureworks has staked its business on XDR, while moving away from non-core, low-margin services. Read between the lines, and the team has the discipline to “say no” when certain old-fashioned revenue opportunities arise. Instead, the company opted for XDR. How has it been so far – and what are the lessons learned for MSPs and MSSPs in the room? Thomas will share his insights.

Booz Allen Senior Vice President Vice President Wade Alt

3. Modern Cyber ​​Defense and Response Services: Finally, Booz Allen Hamilton, Senior Vice President, Wade Alt, will recap the company’s key cyber defense learnings in 2022 and key priorities for 2022. This is a great opportunity for MSPs and MSSPs of all sizes to learn from a true global leader. Indeed, Wade Alt leads Booz Allen’s cyber defense and response services within the company’s business practice.

Live MSSP Alert: Ask Your Questions, Stay Informed

4. Questions and answers from participants: Let’s be clear. These fireside chats will include open-ended Q&As with our attendees.

5. Do you have any questions? : If you have any questions before each session, please email them to me ([email protected]). I will take a look at them and try to incorporate them into sessions throughout the conference.

To note: Special thanks to MSPs, MSSPs, speakers and sponsors who are willing to join us at MSSP Alert Live 2022 (September 19-21, Washington, DC). Keep checking this blog for live updates throughout the conference.