Miami at Duke: Gameday Live Blog

Two of the three remaining undefeated ACCs meet at Cameron Indoor Stadium on Saturday night.

Miami has the best score in the league at 4-0, 12-3 overall, while Duke is 2-0, 12-1 that year.

The Blue Devils have won five in a row, including clashes against Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech, both at home. Duke’s only loss was at Ohio State in the ACC / Big Ten Challenge, and the Blue Devils won the Quad I over Kentucky and Gonzaga this year.

Miami is playing its first road game of the ACC season after home wins against Clemson, NC State, Wake Forest and Syracuse. The Canes have won all four of the ACC games by single digit. Of their eight-game winning streak, seven wins have been 10 or less. Miami has lost to Alabama, Dayton and UCF this season. Penn State is the only power conference foe the Canes have beaten this year ahead of the ACC game.

Miami has three veteran guards leading the score. Sixth-year senior Kameron McGusty is the reigning ACC Player of the Week after averaging 17.5 points, 9.5 rebounds, 4.0 assists and 2.0 steals last week and have reached nearly 43% of its three. Over the year, he averaged 18.3 points per game and 6.0 rebounds.

Sixth-year Charlie Moore is averaging 12.0 points per game, while runner-up Isaiah Wong is 16.3 points per game.

Miami has a habit of causing problems for Duke under coach Jim Larranaga. Since taking over the Canes in 2011, Miami is one of four teams with six wins over the Blue Devils, five with multiple wins at Cameron and one of two to have multiple wins by 15 or more.

Officials tonight are Clarence Armstrong, Pat Driscoll and Jerry Heater.

Your starters: Moore, Keels, Williams, Roach, Banchero

At first, it looks like Duke will have a hard time keeping Moore in front of them. He’s driven so far on Moore and Roach.

Duke with four early turnovers and Roach fouls a three-point shooter to take us to the Under-16s. Miami early, 11-6. Duke has looked in a bad mood so far.

Banchero scores five in a row after Duke loses eight, then Roach and Moore take turns preparing for another 5-0 run. A Griffin three sends us into the Under 12s (at 9:17 remaining) with Duke 21-16.

Duke with 8 early turnovers. Moore has three, all coming immediately after being robbed.

Miami ends a 13-0 run for Duke with one out. We’re going to the under 8 after Roach flattens to a disc and will go line. Duke leads 21-18.

Moore with a very weak pass which is selected for his fourth turnover. Miami has a 9-0 point advantage over turnovers so far.

Scrum for a loose ball. Charlie Moore finishes him off chest to chest with the larger Griffin. Moore is fearless and will be a problem tonight.

Miami is not going anywhere. Clears an eight-point lead over Duke, and we’re tied at 26 in the under-four

Keels ends 10-0 run in Miami, tied at 28 with pair of free throws

Miami scores the last four points of the half (on a Charlie Moore layup followed by Moore’s steal in the inbounds) and we are tied at 32 at the break. Duke with 13 turnovers, Miami a 13-0 advantage in points …

Miami also with a 22-10 advantage in points in the paint, although most of those are workouts that end there, not post games.

JJ Redick just made a free throw to win a donation to Duke Hospital … and missed it. That kind of night for Duke

Moore of Miami gets his sixth flight of the evening, making Duke’s Moore his fifth turnover. Coach K calls the time. Miami until 36-35, 17:54 to go

Moore is already tied for the fourth most interceptions in an opponent’s game from Duke to Cameron. FSU’s Trent Forrest has the most (8 in 2020)

Williams with the layup, will shoot the and-one after the Under-16s. Duke leads 42-41.

After starting 1-11 of three, Miami has reached its last two. Duke leads under 12, 52-50

Duke didn’t miss a shot in 2 hours. 8 of 8 and leads by 2

Charlie Moore gets a reverse layup on one end, sneaking between three Blue Devils to get the rebound on the other. Coach K goes on time with Miami rising 56-52, 10:24 am left.