Meera Puppins teaches Preston puppies how to be perfect for a pub

Meera Puppins with attendees at a socializing Sunday

Penwortham puppy trainer Meera Puppins has started socialization Sundays to teach young dogs how to behave.


Meera has worked with The Golden Ball of Longton, twice winner of the Lancashire Tourism Award for Dog Friendly Business of the Year.

She founded Socialization Sundays to provide puppies with a real opportunity to develop their social and life skills, as well as to bring together puppy owners from the local community in a fun way.

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Meera said: “During the lockdown the puppies weren’t able to socialize which made many of them anxious around other dogs and people. They may not know how to behave in different situations, including how to behave nicely in the pub.

In founding Socialization Sundays, my goal is to help puppies and their owners feel confident in real-life situations, using positive training and socialization techniques.

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Meera explained how she uses the local natural environment to teach puppies.

She said: “We start with a stimulating walk in a nearby nature reserve, so the puppies can experience sensory and environmental socialization.

“We play fun, positive games that help keep the pups calm and safe, especially around wildlife in the nature reserve.

“After the walk we return to the Golden Ball where dogs are welcome inside.”

To learn more, visit the Meera Puppins website.

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