Luxury condos for sale in Manhattan

Posted by Wei Min Tan on May 26, 2022

Manhattan, New York luxury condos for sale are all accessible via the database below. Luxury condos are generally defined as $2,500 per square foot and above, while $4,000 and above is considered ultra luxury.

Condos have a 50-70% premium over co-ops. It is because with a Condominium, you own the title to the property as opposed to the shares in the building in the case of a cooperative. With condos, there is flexibility in renting and the council cannot reject a sale for no reason (which is the case for a co-op). Weimin’s article, Condo vs Co-op in Manhattan.

Most of our global clients invest in luxury condos when the goal is to rent them out. Although the price is higher than that of non-luxury properties, the rents commanded by luxury condos are also higher. The bottom line is that the rental yield of luxury condos is higher than that of non-luxury ones.

Weimin’s article: Is it a good time to invest in residential real estate in Manhattan, New York?

What we do

We focus on of global investors buy condos in Manhattan for portfolio diversification and long-term return on investment.
1) Identify the right purchase according to the objectives
2) Manage the buying process
3) Rent the property
4) Manage tenants
5) Market the property during the eventual sale

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