Lostock Hall residents raise concerns over flooding as 50 new homes are offered

Marilyn Avenue has been flooded several times in the past

Residents of Lostock Hall oppose plans to build 50 new homes due to flooding concerns.


The development would see the affordable homes built on the site of the former Lostock Hall Primary School in Avondale Drive.

However, residents of Marilyn Avenue and Maureen Avenue are concerned that the new homes will exacerbate existing drainage issues that have caused damage to their homes from flooding in the past.

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A resident spokesperson said: ‘We have suffered severe flooding issues over the years on many occasions, due to the inability of the Wilkinson Street drainage to cope with the additional surface water due to persistent heavy rains.

“While the plans show the new houses would be raised to avoid problems, the gardens would not. This will allow water to flow into the Wilkinson Street surface water sewer, which will exacerbate the existing problem for the Marilyn Avenue and Maureen Avenue properties.

Flooded Marilyn Avenue
Residents fear flooding problems will worsen

Residents also believe they weren’t given a chance early enough to raise their objections, which further include concerns about pollution, congestion, parking issues and pressure on local schools and municipal services. health.

The spokesperson continued: ‘I believe there has been a lack of consultation with residents of the area surrounding the site, and therefore the applicants have overlooked the significant impact on the area that will be created by this development.

“The South Ribble Borough Council development plan document of July 2012 lists the site as suitable for 30 homes. With the claimants proposing 50 houses, there would be significant over-intensification of the site, and the plan is clearly not respectful of separation from neighbours.

“It would seem that good design has been sacrificed in the interest of greater profits.”

The planning application (07/2002/00457/FUL) can be viewed on the South Ribble Borough Council website.

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