Live Blog: Election Watch 2022

Over the next month, Times of Malta will bring you daily highlights of political events in the run-up to the March 26 general election.

Here are Monday’s highlights:

First press conferences

9:30 a.m. The PL and PN announced their first press conferences for this election campaign.

Robert Abela will address the PL press conference at 10:00 a.m. at the Rialto in Conspicua, while Bernard Grech will give the PN press conference at 10:15 a.m. at the party headquarters in Pieta.

What have they promised so far?

8am The campaign has only just begun and the two main parties have already pledged millions in gifts.

On Sunday evening, Robert Abela promised an investment of 700 million euros over seven years to create green spaces in urban spaces if the Labor Party is elected to government.

On the other hand, the leader of the PN promised 1 billion euros of investments in 10 new economic sectors.

Bernard Grech greeting the supporters on Sunday evening.


7am We’ll give you daily political updates as Malta prepares for the next general election.

On Sunday, Prime Minister Robert Abela called on the country to give him a new mandate to build on the successes the Labor movement has created.

Abela addressing the crowd on Sunday.  Photo: Matthieu MirabelliAbela addressing the crowd on Sunday. Photo: Matthieu Mirabelli

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