Joe’s Weather Blog: Stormy Today for Some…Cold for All (MAR-22/03) | FOX 4 Kansas City WDAF-TV

Severe weather yesterday and soon to be today was a big problem in the southern United States. Snow fell over central KS this morning…and we were locked in clouds and scattered showers to start our Tuesday. The low pressure area will track towards KC today and move towards central MO later this afternoon.

There is still a window of storms that may break out today… especially east of the metro. A little hail is not out of the question with this activity. Right now it looks like the instability won’t be high enough to get much going, but it will be monitored in the area I mentioned…towards and east of Hwy 65 in central of MO as well as in northbound areas of MO east of I-35.

Then we ALL get colder tonight and tomorrow!

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Today: Cloudy with patches of drizzle this morning. There is a window for one or two fast moving thunderstorms near lunch…then areas of shower development after that. Temperatures today will approach 60° then drop behind an approaching cold front with increasing winds this evening

This evening: Showers, fog, drizzle and windy. NW winds blowing at 30 MPH. Colder too.

Tomorrow: Raw, breezy and fresh. A few scattered showers possible. Maybe a mixed snowflake. Treble only in the 40° range

Thusday: End of the day disposal possible. Cold with mid-40s highs

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Yesterday was all day in Texas.

22 tornado reports…some duplicates.

Severe weather reports yesterday
W’s are wind reports and T’s are tornado reports. The H’s are hail reports

Some of the videos were amazing to watch.

This one via Twitter was the one I was talking about last night on air. Look to the right and you will see a van. Watch what happens to him during the tornado, then wait until the end to see what happens after the tornado.

This tornado in this video hit near the Elgin, TX area

Here is a drone video of the tornadoo… near Elgin,

Meanwhile, this tornado developed near Round Rock, TX outside of Austin…during peak hours and crossed I-35.

Our station in Austin makes it even clearer…it’s 13 miles north of Austin.

All day there.

The severe weather focus will move east towards the Deep South today with moderate risk rising for LA/MS

Back on the plains…you can clearly see the swirl towards the clouds on this mid level humidity loop.

On the surface, the low pressure zone is close this morning.

At 9 a.m.…the cold front attached to this area of ​​flow pressure is west of the Metro…winds behind this front are increasing…and colder air is pouring over the plains.

I highlighted the snow report area at 9am

Here’s a look at the radar…

Not much happening locally this morning except maybe some drizzle or mist.

This may change heading into lunch as a few showers/storms may arrive from the south.

For timing…18Z is 1pm…21Z is 4pm and 0Z is 7pm…3Z is 10pm

At this point, it doesn’t look like we’ll be having inclement weather locally…but I’ll still be watching the areas east of the subway for maybe a few megaphones just in case. It doesn’t seem to be so serious

Temperatures at 4 p.m. should be around 60°

Then start dropping behind the front with the increasing winds too. Here at 9 p.m.

A few snowflakes are not totally to be ruled out tomorrow with temperatures ranging between the 30s and nearly 40°.

After that we will slowly come out of the storm on Thursday with lots of cloud, then finally on Friday we will be in better shape heading into the weekend.

This storm has been a generous and widespread generator of rain here…

CoCoRaHS reports overnight to this morning.