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Jason Licht’s Dilemma

February 8, 2022

The decisions.

If you’re Jason Licht, General Manager of the Bucs AC/DC, you’re between a rock and a hard place.

You have a mostly stocked team ready to win. You also have critical free agents. And you need a quarterback.

What does Licht do?

Joe suspects a few of those big-name free agents might want to know who the team will be quarterbacking, and soon, if Licht hopes to retain them. The free agency dinner bell rings on March 16, essentially five weeks away.

But to get a quarterback, whether through free agency or a quarterback agent to help force/facilitate a trade, Licht needs to be able to tell QB what he plans to do with free agents on offense, namely Chris Godwin, Ryan Jensen, Playoff Lenny and possibly Rob Gronkowski and Alex Cappa.

And likewise, those free agents will want Licht to fill them in on his plan for a quarterback.

Everything is so wild for Joe. This team, albeit with a new starting QB, could look pretty much like the last two seasons, or it could look like a rebuilding team. Joe really doubts the latter option is realistic for 2022.

With agents descending on Indianapolis the first week of March for the combine, Joe assumes the Bucs will likely have their plan in place for 2022 by then so they can start fumbling for preliminary veggies.