Increase Your Blog Readership – 5 Effective Ways

The more readership you grow for your blog, the more opportunities you will have to attract, engage and convert them into customers. Content marketing, brand publishing, blogging media sites, and consumer publishing are all competing for your audience’s time and attention. So how can you or your business grow your blog readership?

Here are five ideas:

1. Facts tell – stories sell

Tell stories! Always consider what “story” is when talking about anything. It doesn’t matter if it’s boring, incredibly fascinating, or neither.

Good stories can be found anywhere, so use metaphors and analogies to come up with story ideas. Of course, facts and figures have their place and can provide compelling justification for a great story. Remember that story is a key way to increase your blog readership.

2. It’s about them – not about you

It is important to understand the market or audience you are trying to reach. When discussing themes, pain points and Goals, put yourself in their shoes. Write about the process of solving these problems.

Also, consider what matters to your audience in the context of what you’re trying to say. Find what you have in common and talk about it.

3. People will work for a living – they will die for recognition

Find ways to engage and communicate with your readers. Plus, connect personally with fans, followers, subscribers, and friends. Acknowledge and reward the type of participation you want and repeat this process often.

When you do this, you are building a great blogging community. The simple pleasure of contributing and being recognized is a powerful motivator.

Social media can help you engage your blogging community and expand your reach. And it’s relatively easy to expand beyond your current readership and utilize these engagement channels. Using social media to ask relevant and simple questions has proven to be a very effective content crowdsourcing strategy.

Not only can you gain valuable insights, but you can also extend your reach by tapping into your network connections.

Acknowledging contributors in the resulting blog post gives your community valuable feedback and ideas to share. Plus, it allows you to reach even more potential blog readers.

4. Increase your blog readership – Offer quality and quantity

Because there’s so much competition in the blogging world, it’s essential to consistently post relevant, high-quality, shareable content. Plus, give your readers something they can’t get anywhere else, and do it regularly.

Some companies schedule and release content marketing campaigns that last from six months to several years. Community engagement and a collaborative effort are essential for long-lasting quality content. This means between 2 and 10 years.

Each person has a finite number of ideas, and they will eventually run out. Therefore, tapping into the collective wisdom of your community serves both content ideation and engagement goals.

5. Increase your blog readership – socialize and optimize

Blog content that is easy to locate in searches and shared by trusted sources on social media is essential. It can help you grow your community in a meaningful way.

When your blog post “ranks” well for certain phrases, it provides instant credibility. This can manifest as a subscription or even media coverage of other bloggers and journalists.

However, don’t let keywords take over your editorial strategy. Don’t ignore them either. Your blog content provides answers as needed, therefore research is an extremely strong source for new readers.

You may think that good content will spread on its own or be enough to outshine your competition. It’s not true. If you want to grow your blog readership, you need to share your content on social media.

Paid amplification techniques include PPC, social ads, marketing on your social media, influencer outreach, and redirection. Once you’ve attracted a reader, make sure it’s easy for them to share on social media.


Remember that community development is both an art and a science. What works for one community may not work for another. It’s also an ongoing process, so engage and optimize your efforts regularly to get the best results.

To grow your blog readership, you need to be willing to put in the effort and time to do so. Additionally, you need to recognize the importance of social media as a partner in your efforts to grow your blog.

Image credit: Pixabay; pexels; Thank you!