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If there is anything that makes a lot of money for young people in today’s market, online platforms are among the best. Since there are also various creativities and ways to sneak into online platforms, blogging can be one of them.

Innocent Kirui, a professor of online journalism, explains that in the beginning, a blog was a personal website whose owner shared his opinion on a variety of topics.

Today, however, most blogs have become professional, run by individuals or small groups, written in a conversational style to teach users about a range of products or services and teach consumers about topics relevant to their areas.

Blogs are quite different from regular websites, says Kirui, the purpose of a blog is to update readers frequently with new content on a variety of topics, different from a website, which does not update. updated frequently, but static with fewer updates.

“Blogs are now used to promote and advertise many products as they have gained a lot of audiences. It’s a great medium that most companies use to let people know about their products and services,” he says.

How to go about being successful

Kirui says, first start a blog using

“Wordpress is a great choice when starting a blog because it is quite user friendly. It comes with all the features to let you create a successful blog over others like setting updating and modifying your designs at any time, the possibility of earning money with your blog without any restrictions like additional payment, among others »

Almost every individual uses a blog looking for different things and many of which actually don’t have a lot of time dedicated to your particular blog, they always want something straight to what they are looking for without taking a lot of time.

“You have to learn to keep your articles simple and short, with useful and reliable information,” says Kirui.

According to Anaise Karangwa, a Kigali-based website content creator, don’t use failing headlines to gain readers without a reliable source. Most bloggers use captivating titles which will attract more audience but with unreliable information

“Remember that because of the content and number of audiences your blog has, you get companies that want to advertise their products with you. With flattering headlines, meaningless content can ruin your blog. says Karangwa.

She adds that reaching out to experts to learn more about the subject is a great way to convince your audience with reliable information. It will also attract more visits to your blog, since it is a source of information.

“Some of the blogs are opinionated, lacking the professionalism expected from scholarly sources and general knowledge,” Karangwa says.

What topic do you discuss the most with your friends or family? Start a blog that talks about something you want to learn or something you always bring up a conversation with. It gives you more courage to dig in and come up with interesting content.

According to the, when choosing a creative topic to blog about, try to find a niche. Make your blog about something very specific and you’ll appeal to both search engines and your readers. Try not to be too general and really focus on one specialized topic and stick to it. Find your own niche and go for it – remember to stay on topic.

Allow engagement on your blog. Ask people to comment and provide feedback and make sure you always respond. Make it a real website that encourages interaction when possible.

Last but not least, don’t listen to negativity. Spend your time on the road to success. Find professional bloggers and learn from them, seek advice and get help.

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