How to Play Seattle Bike Bingo 2022

Bike Bingo is back! Bicycle Benefits launched its Seattle 2022 bike-friendly business game this month, and it’s running through the end of October.

The game is simple: ride your bike to local businesses on your map and get something there. Participating businesses have cards for sale for $3. They should also have Bicycle Benefits stickers for $5. Give them your card and they’ll give you a stamp. Get 5 in a row to unlock a reward, like a free chocolate bar from Theo or a Central Cinema movie pass. If you continue, you unlock another reward with each line. Complete the entire map to unlock even more rewards, but you’ll need to cycle all over town to complete this feat. You have to earn it.

More details on the advantages of cycling:

All you need is a bike in good working order, a Bike Benefits sticker (available at participating businesses) on your helmet, and a bingo card ($3 from any participating location). The map lists the locations in the area that have the maps available and will stamp your map when you cycle there and make a purchase using the bike perks and/or complete a fun challenge. When you get 5 in a row (yep; BINGO!) on your card, businesses in the area are giving away some nice prizes. Just roll and show them how far you’ve come and your 5 in a row.

Don’t stop there! You can continue to complete bingo lines, win more prizes and ultimately go blackout. We’ve put some more “out of the way” locations on the map to entertain adventurers and mileage enthusiasts. Please be loving and respectful to all the amazing places on the maps and have the time of your life. Don’t forget to post photos of your epic bingo adventure. E-mail: [email protected] with questions.

If you don’t know what Bicycle Benefits is, here’s the scoop. With this cute little sticker ($5) on your bike helmet, you can get year-round discounts all over Seattle when you ride your bike. Simply ask the employees for the “Bike Perks Offer” each time you cycle to one of the participating locations. Program stickers that do not expire can be purchased at participating businesses and on the website Support businesses usually have a Bicycle Benefits window sticker on their storefront.

Need to fill this “volunteer with bike benefits” position? Pick one, email us a proof and we’ll get you ready.

1. Contact cyclists at work, Gas Works Park at a local farmer’s market, at a cycling event, etc., and sell/hand out 5 Bike Benefits Stickers and 5 Bingo Cards. You will have to order them in advance from us or buy them from a local business and redistribute them (~2h). 2. Ask a local business to sign up for Bicycle Benefits. 3. Host a biker breakfast or bike bingo with 10 or more attendees. 4. Donate a bicycle pump to a local business that they can make available to their customers and employees. 5. Help us with a graphic design project. 6. Organize a demonstration with at least 10 people in front of the Ministry of Transport to ask them to stop designing roads that kill people. 7. Make a DIY upgrade that will improve the bike riding experience in Seattle. 8. Get an article posted during bingo that helps deepen the discussion on transportation equity, the ugly truths of auto-centric cities, or Bike Bingo/Bicycle Benefits. 9. Beautifully create 40 bike love notes and secretly put them on people’s bikes.

Some of them can be done independently, some are more fun to do with others. E-mail [email protected] with questions and to have your card stamped. Pair up with a friend if you wish.

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