Houston Texans sign LB rookie Christian Harris

The Houston Texans agreed to a rookie contract with one of their third-round picks Christian Harris, Alabama linebacker Aaron Wilson. 4-year-old 5.34 million with a signing bonus of 1.069 million included in the standard rookie contract.

Harris is an all-around, sideline-to-sideline linebacker with a 4.44 velocity and 34.5 vertical inches selected by the Texans to fill a spot on Lovie Smith’s defense. When each position is a weakness, a player must be selected to try to fill that void. Harris spent three years at Alabama racking up 220 total tackles, including 124 solo tackles and 26 tackles for loss and 10 sacks; in 2020, he was a Butkus Prize semi-finalist.

Harris entering the draft was mocked as a second-round pick and when he fell in the third round, the Texans traded with the Denver Broncos to select him as he was unlikely to stay on the board much longer. For what it’s worth, there’s not a lot of negativity surrounding this pick and many scouts agree it was good value for money and even coach Nick Saban has praised Harris time and time again. occasions.

The potential is there with Christian Harris and being an Alabama alum, he knows what it takes to win. All that remains is to let Harris develop properly and see what he does for the franchise in the future.