Houston Texans – New Orleans Saints Preseason Postgame Recap

The Texans 2022 preseason is underway and may have already peaked with a two-minute fourth-quarter drill to beat the New Orleans Saints 17-13.

Those hoping for an efficient and effective attack found themselves asking for more. The team looked disappointing against a disappointing opponent, but managed to earn victory in their last practice of the game.

In an interesting twist of fate and game plan, the offense ownership of Davis Mills took precedence over the second and third teams on the Texans roster. For those hoping to see Mills assert himself on offense for the Texans, he saw him just 3/3 for 14 yards on several uninspiring drives by offense. Two workouts is all he got in his first proven performance as the Texans’ leading QB in 2022.

Jalen Camp’s touchdown catch was the climatic offensive performance of the Texans offense in the first half.

Although it was Jeff Driskel’s throw to undrafted rookie free agent Johnny Johnson III that propelled the Texans to victory over the Saints.

Houstonian Andy Dalton started for the Saints rival as James Winston sat out after suffering an injury in training earlier this week.

The Texans take on the Los Angeles Rams next week to really test their resolve and mettle against a superior opponent.

What did you think of the Texans’ first preseason game? Has anyone stood out for you? Let it know in the comments and your enthusiasm for the 2022 season!