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Hands in the air!

June 3, 2022

Todd Bowles, Bucs coach.

Joe remembers it being a big thing with former Bucs CO Greg Schiano.

If a defensive lineman can’t reach a quarterback, the least he can do is raise his hand. Maybe the quarterback will throw low and there will be a hit on the line.

Bucs coach Todd Bowles seems to think the Bucs need to improve to rush the inside quarterback. And if they can’t make it, throw your hands up!

“Well, that’s important because we had a lot of three-step drops last year and the ball was coming out fast,” Bowles said Tuesday after football practice in his underwear. “So even if you were clean, you weren’t getting [to the quarterback.].

“So we have to put more emphasis on seeing the quarterback when he gets up and when we can get our hands up to hit even more balls because we’re not getting there for the sack because the ball comes out too fast.”

Do you know what that says to Joe? If the teams were using three-step drops so much against the Bucs, that means they feared either the Bucs’ sack king Shaq Barrett or Jason Pierre-Paul.

Either that or the teams thought they had a better chance of getting the guys open quickly. Or maybe a bit of both?