Friday Blog: Finally some sunshine and a preview of our upcoming storm system. -Doug

Friday Blog: Finally some sunshine and a preview of our upcoming storm system. -Doug

Hope your week is going well so far. Mine has been busy but pretty good. I’m definitely ready to see some sunshine which we will see on Friday! Also, the temperatures will start to warm up a bit.

We have a very weak wave which will give us clouds at times and maybe a pinch or two, but that’s ok. We have another weak wave that could give us a few quick splashes or showers on Saturday morning.

Saturday morning

Saturday afternoon most of them are over and we are looking pretty good with highs near 60.


Sunday is looking good as we warm up in the upper 60s to near 70 degrees. Monday and Tuesday we will be pushing the 70s above 80s in many spots which will be nice. Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning, we receive strong storms in the region.

Wednesday morning

Wednesday afternoon, other thunderstorms appear. Some of them could be loud to severe so we want to look at that.

Wednesday afternoon

Now, the greatest threat of severe thunderstorms will remain in the Southern Plains and Dixie States, but that’s where the bulk is expected to be for this time of year. Severe weather will certainly begin to spread further north during the month of April. The long term forecast is below.


Next Friday and Saturday: Warm up on the weekend but also some chances on the weekend.

April 3-9: Cold start to the week but warming up throughout the week. Risk of thunderstorms Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. We have to watch strict chances towards 7.

April 17-23: Mild with thunderstorms Sunday and Monday. Warming throughout the week with thunderstorms Friday and Saturday most likely strict.

April 24-30: A mostly mild week with thunderstorms on Monday. Then again risk of thunderstorms from Thursday to Saturday.

May 1-7: A warm week with thunderstorms Monday and Tuesday most likely strict. Thunderstorms Thursday and Friday, also most likely strict.

May 8-14: A hot storm with thunderstorms Monday and Tuesday most likely strict. Cooler for the middle of the week. Return of mild temperatures the rest of the week with thunderstorms on weekends.

May 15-21: Cooler start to the week with thunderstorms on Tuesday and Wednesday. We are warming up towards the weekend with thunderstorms on Saturday most likely strict.