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March 1, 2022

Bruce Arians channels King Kong Bundy,

Super Bowl winning coach Bucco Bruce Arians walked King Kong Brody for NFL National Media today during the NFL Winter Carnival known as the Combine in downtown New York. ‘Indianapolis at the Indiana Convention Center (born: Hoosier Dome).

For those who don’t know, King Kong Bundy was a famous wrestler, a mountain of man, who demanded that referees use a count of five when he pinned his heel of an opponent, rather than the count of three standards. So as a result, Bundy mercilessly beat his opponent insanely to secure the difficult five count.

So Arians set up a WWF routine.

Today when the Arians stood on the podium to be pushed and questioned by NFL reporters from across the country, if not internationally, the Arians were asked what the asking price would be if Tom Brady said that he wanted to come back but rather play for another team.

The Arians thought about the question for a second, then replied, “Five #1s. May be.”

When asked if he would be open-minded to Brady playing elsewhere, Arians joked that it was ‘not a good deal’ to let the greatest quarterback of them all go. the temperature.

Arians also said that if Brady had a change of heart and wanted to play to return to the Bucs, Arians said “the door is always open” for Brady. And before you ask, Arians said they’d find the money for Brady.

Now, before anyone gets too excited, Arians said in an interview with local media that he and Brady had a conversation during which Brady told Arians why he wanted to retire. Arians wouldn’t divulge specifics, but based on what Brady told him, Arians said he understood why Brady would be retiring and was confident Brady was done.