DRIVE Concierge brings AI to every seat

With NVIDIA DRIVE, in-car infotainment, or IVI, it’s more than just giving directions and playing music.

NVIDIA Founder and CEO Jensen Huang demonstrated the capabilities of a true IVI experience during today’s GTC keynote. Utilizing centralized, high-performance computing, the NVIDIA DRIVE Concierge platform spans traditional cockpit and cluster capabilities, plus personalized, AI-powered security, convenience, and entertainment features for each occupant.

In the United States, drivers spend an average of nearly 450 hours in their cars each year. With just a traditional cockpit and infotainment screen, those hours might seem even longer.

DRIVE Concierge makes time in vehicles more enjoyable, convenient and safe, extending smart functionality to every passenger using the DRIVE AGX Compute Platform, DRIVE IX Software Stack and Omniverse Avatar Cloud Engine ( ACE).

These capabilities include crystal-clear graphics and visualizations in the cockpit and cluster, intelligent digital assistants, driver and occupant monitoring, and streaming of content such as games and movies.

With DRIVE Concierge, each passenger can enjoy their own smart experience.

Cockpit Capabilities

Running on the cross-domain DRIVE platform, DRIVE Concierge can virtualize, as well as host, multiple virtual machines on a single chip – rather than distributed computers – for streamlined development.

With this centralized architecture, DRIVE Concierge seamlessly orchestrates driver information, cockpit and infotainment functions. It supports the Android Automotive operating system, so automakers can easily customize and scale their IVI offerings.

And the Digital Cockpit and Cluster features are just the start. DRIVE Concierge extends this premium functionality to the entire vehicle, with a trusted world-class view, video conferencing capabilities, digital assistants, games and more.

Visualize Intelligence

Speed, fuel range and distance traveled are key data that human drivers need to know. However, when AI is behind the wheel, a detailed view of the vehicle’s perception and planning layers is also crucial.

DRIVE Concierge is tightly integrated with the DRIVE Chauffeur platform to provide high quality 360 degree 4D visualization with low latency. Drivers and passengers can always see what’s going on in the mind of the vehicle’s AI, with stunning 3D graphics.

This visualization is key to establishing trust between the autonomous vehicle and its passengers, so that occupants can have confidence in the perception of the audiovisual system and the intended path.

How can AI help you?

In addition to revolutionizing driving, AI is creating a smarter vehicle interior with personalized digital assistants.

Omniverse ACE is a collection of cloud-based AI models and services that allow developers to easily create, customize, and deploy interactive avatars.

With ACE, AV developers can create easily customizable in-vehicle assistants with voice AI, computer vision, natural language understanding, recommendation engines, and simulation technologies.

These avatars can help make recommendations, make reservations, access vehicle controls, and provide alerts in situations such as forgetting a valuable item.

Game on

With software-defined capabilities, cars become living spaces, with the same entertainment available at home.

NVIDIA DRIVE Concierge allows passengers to watch videos and enjoy high-performance games wherever they go. Users can choose from their favorite apps and stream videos and games to any vehicle screen.

Using the NVIDIA GeForce NOW cloud gaming service, passengers can access over 1,400 titles without the need to download, benefiting from automatic updates and unlimited cloud storage.

Safety and Security

Smart interiors provide an extra layer of vehicle safety, in addition to convenience and entertainment.

DRIVE Concierge uses interior sensors and dedicated deep neural networks for driver monitoring, ensuring attention is on the road in situations where the human is in control.

It can also perform passenger surveillance to ensure occupants are safe and no valuable cargo is left behind.

Using NVIDIA DRIVE Sim on Omniverse, developers can collaborate to design passenger interactions with these advanced in-vehicle features.

By tapping into NVIDIA’s past heritage in infotainment technology, DRIVE Concierge revolutionizes the future of in-car experiences.