Cyril Grayson Ready To Rock –

Opportunity to seize again.

One of the pleasant surprises of the past year was the sudden and unexpected development of Bucs reserve receiver Cyril Grayson.

Joe likes to call him the immortal Cyril Grayson. Why? Former Bucs offensive lineman and sports radio personality Ian Beckles cried out on his podcast two years ago when Grayson missed a pass along Brady’s left sideline.

Beckles bellowed, “Who the hell is Cyril Grayson?” I’ve never heard of this guy in my life!

There was a reason for that, and Joe suspects more and more people will hear about Grayson. He should have had the game-winning touchdown against the squishy Saints on the road last year and he got the game-winning score in the dying seconds in a win over the Jets, a game in which fellow Bucs wide receiver Antonio Brown is went bananas, took off her uniform and did topless spread jumps in the end zone.

From clear blue skies, the greatest quarterback who ever lived was suddenly throwing passes at Grayson in clutch situations.

Grayson, a former track star at LSU who never played football there, may get another shot or chances to prove himself again this fall. With Chris Godwin out for who knows how long, it’s a safe bet that new Bucs catcher Russell Gage will play Godwin’s place at the slot machine. This leaves an outside receiver position open.

And there’s the speedster Grayson.

Last week, during soccer practice in his underwear, Joe asked Grayson how he could get a bunch of shots until Godwin completes his knee rehab.

“I think it’s just an opportunity,” Grayson said of potentially more playing time. “Something I have to try to take advantage of every time. It’s something I’m used to. Of course, I’m looking forward to that.

“To do my best so that I can show that even when Chris comes back I will continue to get a few shots or even a lot [Bucs offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich wants] or stay as a starter or whatever that looks like.

Obviously, Grayson wants more playing time. Myron Lewis was one of the few Bucs players Joe met who didn’t want playing time until the Glazer team checks were cashed. But Grayson has made it clear he wants to win just as much, if not more, than he wants a bunch of shots.

“Whatever it takes to help the team be the best it can be,” Grayson said. “That’s what’s important. Getting more reps will help with this experience so you can play faster when play time comes.

Joe has to hand it over to the Bucs. Part of the reason this team is good is that it doesn’t seem like these guys are selfish and bickering about clichés. Joe has a hunch it’s Tom Brady.

But you have to understand that part of the player profile the Bucs want has to include selflessness. The only guy the Bucs had who was grumbling about playing time can’t get a job despite his Hall of Fame talent because he’s so mentally ill.