Clarke Gayford is having a bad day at the office

‘Deeply inappropriate’: Clarke Gayford apologizes for ‘confusion’ after claiming he tried to get a quick Covid test for his partner

The Prime Minister’s fiance, Clarke Gayford, today apologized for “any confusion” he caused after speaking to a pharmacist about rapid antigen testing on behalf of a fellow musician.

The pharmacist alleges Gayford gave inaccurate advice on testing advice on behalf of his friend who was trying to get a rapid antigen test after being identified as a potential close contact.

The incident occurred when the first case of community-based Omicron was detected in the community, UK-based DJ Dimension.

National Covid-19 spokesman Chris Bishop called the incident “deeply inappropriate” and says the Prime Minister’s fiancé was indeed trying to subvert Health Department rules for his friends.

Every time you give Chris Bishop free hits you know you fucked up!

I know Clarke well. He’s the kind of loyal, passionate friend who would give you the shirt off his back.

What happened here was that he was put in a position by a friend and was fired.

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There are three problems.

1 – he shouldn’t have done that! He can’t pretend he’s talking to a frontline staff assistant because the First Gentleman doesn’t have a certain power imbalance!

2 – he was wrong! Telling a front-line staff member to accept a test when it’s not the actual protocol is a really stupid thing to do.

Last but not least, the 3rd thing is his fellow Muso who jumped into this position in the first place! Stop calling Clarke in your shit, you ego-driven creatives, it’s your shit, not hers! He is not there as a personal advisor to help you get through the public health measures!

So yeah, kinda dumb play on everyone’s part, but Gayford has some credit in the bank as a good guy, so anyone who feasts on it does it for political reasons before Omicron does in the community.

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