Cameron Brate > Kyle Rudolph –

Cameron Brate > Kyle Rudolph

July 31, 2022

Cameron Brate’s Gronk Point.

Don’t get mad at Joe for the title. He comes from a true Buccaneers insider with first-hand knowledge of the situation.

Joe always stands tall and applauds players who are outspoken when speaking to the media. Clichés are the enemy of the people. They are boring AF and no one wants to hear them.

Sure, a snap can be wonderfully appropriate, but a string of them makes Joe vomit, and that’s why official team websites can sometimes make a fan want to run headfirst into a padded wall. (Yes, the walls of’s world headquarters are padded, a holdover from the Commander Schiano years.)

Yesterday, Buccaneers savior linebacker Devin White was asked to name the best tight ends from the first four days of training camp. Specifically, that seems problematic to handle from a linebacker’s perspective. White didn’t start a bunch of politically correct chatter.

“Man, Cam Brate, everyone knows what he can do. You know, he’s the best tight end on the team right now when it comes to running and receiving the ball,” White said. “But I think Kyle Rudolph, once he got back into football form – you know, he didn’t go through an offseason with a team; I’m not assuming because he still has his legs under him – I think he’s going to be pretty good too because he’s a big target. So man, these two guys. I think those will be the two main men, as far as what I see going against them.

Joe really appreciated that answer.

What a dream scenario for Brate, the nine-year veteran. He’s sitting atop the tight ends depth chart on a juggernaut offense and, as he puts it, “this is the first offseason I’ve been healthy in about six years.”