Bruce Arians out –

Missing Bruce Arians

May 19, 2022

The official Buccaneers website lists Bucco Bruce Arians as “Senior Advisor to the General Manager.”

Joe begins to think that a better title would be Head Coach Emeritus.

OTA Spring Training Session #3 wrapped up today and Joe scrolled through the hundreds of official team photos from all three sessions. Many trainers are seen, but Arians is not in any of the photos.

(Media were only permitted by Todd Bowles to attend Session #1. Keep that in mind as you hear media types’ conclusions about OTA’s overall performance. Media will only be able to watch than 30% of 10 sessions.)

Arians was also not spotted at the rookie minicamp.

Joe doesn’t hit Arians, but Joe is a bit disappointed that Arians isn’t more visibly involved. After all, Arians has repeatedly said that he will do whatever Todd asks him to do.

The front desk staff generally look hands-on, so it’s not like Arians doing that doesn’t fit their title.

When Arians was head coach, he spoke at length about the importance of OTAs and having young players on multiple pitches to maximize their training time and snaps.

Joe thinks the Arians’ eyes on Kyle Trask would be extremely valuable as Trask uses this time to develop. And Arians would be a great sounding board for Bowles on the pace and energy of training, as well as Arians’ ability to study attacking players on the job.

Perhaps Bowles asked Arians to temporarily sit out so Bowles could cement his new role. And yes, Arians can still watch a workout movie and weigh in. Still, it seems more likely that Arians don’t want to be there now and Bowles has asked the Arians to do something specific.

Joe is among the fans who see Arians as a valuable asset that should be maximized.