Brazil and the Czech Republic finalists for Oscar submission – Blog

by Nathaniel R.

The Czech Republic’s Oscar committee is considering 14 films while in Brazil, the Academia Brasileira de Cinema has announced 6 films being considered for their Oscar nomination. They are the following…


coal by Carolina Markowicz
This drama about a family in crisis and an Argentinian drug lord who makes them an offer airs on TIFF next month.

march one by Gabriel Martins
This drama about the troubles of a black family following the election of a right-wing politician debuted at Sundance and has since been on the festival circuit. It won awards at the LA Outfest and the San Francisco Film Festival. Cláudio calls it “subtly radical humanist cinema”

The mother by Cristiano Burlan
A drama about a woman seeking to bury her son who was killed by the police

Pacified by Paxton Winters
This drama first played at festivals in 2019. Perhaps it waited the entirety of COVID for a home release? This is the story of a teenager and her ex-convict after the Rio Olympics

Paloma by Marcelo Gomes
A drama about a trans woman who wants a traditional marriage that a local priest has refused her. It was released in Brazil in May. Gomes is the only director on this shortlist to have been previously submitted by Brazil. His film Cinema, aspirin and vultures was a submission in 2006.

Pedro, between the devil and the big blue by Lais Bodanzky
A 19th century biopic about Dom Pedro I “The Liberator”. Cauã Reymond stars.

The documentary centered on Brazil The territory, playing in US theaters to rave reviews, didn’t make the list and we’re guessing that’s because the project is too American considering its creative team and funding. But according to Glenn and Cláudio, you should see it if you get the chance.


The Czech Republic watches a lot of biopics and especially films that have not yet opened in festivals or at home, so there is little information about the films at the moment. As with Brazil, only one of the directors has previous Oscar submission experience.

Arved by Vojtech Mašek
This is a fascinating figure in early 20th century Czechoslovakia, a son of nobility who spoke several languages ​​fluently and a political radical with an interest in the occult. What a cool poster!

Bethlehem Night by Jan Svěrák
A comic fantasy about a writer and the characters he created. Svěrákon this Oscar category when he was only 32 years old for Kolya (1996). He was also submitted for his film dark blue world (2001)

borders of love by Tomasz Winski
An erotic drama about a couple opening up their relationship

Buko by Alice Nellis
A dramatic comedy which should be released at the end of September at home.

Il Boemo by Petr Vaclav
Vojtech Dyk Stars In This Biopic About A Violinist/Composer Tasked With Writing An Opera

Indian by Tomas Svoboda
A comedy but we don’t know what it is

Jan Koller by Petr Vetrovsky
This is a documentary about the football (soccer) star

The last race by Tomas Hodan
Another biopic, this one about champion skiers in the early 20th century

Night siren by Tereza Nvotova
We assumed this one would be the Slovakia entry, but apparently it’s a co-production with the Czech Republic. It is a drama about a woman accused of witchcraft. He won the Emerging Filmmaker Golden Leopard at Locarno

Ordinary chess by Cristina Grosan
A sci-fi drama about three ordinary women whose lives are turned upside down

Prince Mamanek by Jan Budar
We believe this translates to Prince Mommy? A pampered 39-year-old prince (played by the writer/director) who is afraid of everything and too close to the Queen is sent out into the world to live as a commoner in this family comedy.

shadow theater by Peter Bebjak
A thriller about a man who pursues the criminal who killed his wife. Bebjak has already been presented twice at the Oscars, but from Slovakia, not the Czech Republic. His previous submissions were Line (2017) and The Auschwitz Report (2020).

Slovakia (Where His word, his word) By Beata Parkanova
A drama about a wedding in the late 1960s

Somewhere on the chemtrails by Adam Koloman Rybansky
A comedy about racism? A firefighter blames an Arab man when a person is injured by a car at a party. This one played at the Berlinale earlier in the year.

Victim by Michal Blasko
A first film in which a woman begins to spot inconsistencies in her son’s account of the assault.

Brazil and the Czech Republic have had runners-up for the past 15 years or so, but it’s been a long time since their last nominations, which were for Central Station (!998) and Zelary (2003), respectively.

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