Blog: Warmer Sunday before the rain sets in; the cold is getting stronger

The heat before the cold front today, the post-cold front cold in the days to come, some well-deserved rain between the two …

Yes, while it is still cold this morning, we see the temperatures climbing to nearly 60 ° this afternoon. More and more clouds are expected as we await the arrival of a large cold front. Since it only happens later at night, our daylight will present the warmth of the pre-cold front.

Climb of nearly 60 ° despite the clouds today.

The rain from the front is expected to move after sunset, taking us into the night. At times moderate to heavy, but otherwise just a nice rain to keep us overnight. We’re probably going to pick up half an inch in most places, if not more by the time the sun comes up tomorrow.

A nice rain to move in tonight.

After a few persistent showers early Monday morning, the sky clears up fairly quickly and we will find the sun again in the afternoon. Although cooler! Temperatures will drop to nearly 40 ° in the afternoon, so an oscillation of nearly 20 ° between today and tomorrow.

This is when the cold air is reinforced by the north breeze. After the sun sets on Monday night, temperatures will likely drop into the 20’s. A cool breeze will develop by Tuesday morning and it should feel like a teenage breeze. Tuesday afternoon highs are expected to only hold into their 30s (!), Come together!

It’s nice and cold Tuesday morning!

Usually in winter, these cold gusts of air are often dry, so at least the seven day forecast has plenty of sunshine. Things will moderate and return to near-season levels (lower in the 1930s, maximum near 50 °) by the middle to the end of the week. The calm period of weather is expected to end next weekend as we wait for our next rainstorm.

The winter sun should take us all through the work week.

Take advantage of the heat today, then bundle up this week!

Meteorologist Steve Fundaro