Blog: Thunderstorms last night. Cooler air rushes south.

Yesterday was another hot day that felt like the start of summer. However, as expected, a strong cold front arrived during the evening and slammed into this warm air mass. Temperatures dropped rapidly and winds blew over 35 mph.

Max gusts of wind yesterday

There were gusts over 50 mph above the water. There were strong to severe thunderstorms, but they moved fairly quickly.

Rain and thunderstorms last night

There have been several reports of wind damage. Several trees were knocked down, and a few branches were also knocked down.

Storm reports from yesterday

They had already weakened and dropped south by 8 p.m. Then we just had a few light showers overnight. Unfortunately, the rain didn’t do much. The heavier rain was so brief that it simply did not register in the rain gauge. We only had about 1-2 tenths of an inch in the area with a little more in spots.

Rainfall totals

It was definitely on the low side of the forecast.

Today, the front is to our southeast. Well, be more cool, dry and windy. High temperatures will be in the upper mid 60s this afternoon with a low 70s inland and to the south.

High temperatures today

We will have a lot of sun, but it will be cool with the breeze. Winds will blow up to 25 mph.

Tonight the winds will be lighter from the north and we will have clear skies. The air will continue to dry out. Thus, the dew points will fall to 30 s. This will allow air temperatures to drop below 40 degrees over much of the region. However, there will be some 30 years inland and west.

time tonight

So if you live in some of these areas, you might want to bring the potted plants just to be on the safe side. Tomorrow we will continue with the seasonal cold. Although we have plenty of sunshine, our high temperatures will only reach the upper 50-60 degrees.

Expected weather tomorrow

It is well below average. We will have another windy day with gusts up to 25 mph from the northwest. It will be another cold start Friday morning with more lows in the 30s and 40s. We will be dry Friday with high temperatures still in the 60s.

There will be a warm front in our south on Saturday. It will bring showers fairly close to our area.

Saturday GFS model

So I put a small chance for showers just in case this front gets a little closer. It will move north on Sunday. High temperatures will finally warm into the 70s. There will be a slight chance of showers as the front lifts northward.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler