Blog: Summer heat continues with weekend relief

We’re stuck in the heat and humidity of this summer, but luckily the long-range forecast brings some optimism. We will likely get some relief from the heat behind a cool front this weekend. But until then…it’s the heat of summer!

Monday highs will hit the 90s with a good amount of sunshine. The cumulus clouds will thicken in the afternoon causing a downpour or a light shower. Expect a similar day on Tuesday but with more sunshine so it will be even warmer with highs in the mid 90s. Heat indices will be in the high 90s on Monday and either side of 100 ° Tuesday (expected to be the hottest day this week).

It will remain hot and humid through Wednesday, but an approaching cool front will bring some change. Dropping a few scattered showers and thunderstorms likely later Wednesday. The front will slowly subside in the region on Thursday creating scattered showers and a few thunderstorms across the region.

Behind this front rises a northerly breeze which ends up breaking this stubborn summer pattern. It’s the one component we’ve been waiting for that will reduce humidity and drop our temperatures into the 80s on weekends and weekends. The chances of rain also look pretty slim for next weekend.

Tropically speaking, the Atlantic Basin may have woken up after a long slumber throughout July. An area of ​​thunderstorms moving off the west coast of Africa will reach the south-central Atlantic over the next few days. Until then, there is a possibility of tropical development. There is still great uncertainty in this outlook, so there is little concern locally. Come back on Tuesday or Wednesday of the upcoming work week.

This reminds us that peak hurricane season is fast approaching as we approach the busiest three months of hurricane season – August, September and October. Be sure to use this time to refresh your supplies/hurricane kit and review this plan with friends and family.

If anything, we may finally have waves to catch at local beaches. Here’s hoping hurricane season brings nothing but sunshine and surf! Stay delighted!

Meteorologist Steve Fundaro