Blog: It’s back – the humidity is back and lingers

It’s backkkkkkkkk….. The humidity has returned and will stay here for the work week. Dewpoints have moved back into the 60s and 70s, and they will stay there as we return to a more standard summer weather pattern.

We have had a few fronts close to us since Sunday morning. A stationary front is just to our south, while a cold front is to our west. These fronts will act as triggers for some showers and thunderstorms Sunday evening and again Monday.

With the added humidity, some showers/thunderstorms could produce heavy rain. A few cases of isolated street flooding could occur, thanks to heavy downpours. The best chance of rain on Sunday will be in the afternoon/evening.

On Monday, a few showers are possible in the morning, then again in the afternoon. I think we will definitely see breaks in the rain, but temperatures should be a bit cooler thanks to morning rain and clouds.

Beyond Monday we move into a more typical summer pattern with some chance of an afternoon shower or storm here and there. Temperatures will be in the mid 80s.

In the tropics, PTC #4 that we were tracking in the western Gulf of Mexico landed on Saturday evening, but never developed a closed circulation center so officially it never became a tropical cyclone. This means that we add another day to the longest time count between the named systems. We are now at 49 days – the 3rd longest streak on record since 1995.

We are following another wave that has just moved off the coast of Africa. Right now the hurricane center gives it a 20% chance of developing over 5 days. Lots of time to watch it.

Enjoy your Sunday!
Meteorologist Ricky Matthews

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